In the Night Garden: Hello Everybody! Box Set DVD only £16.16 (with voucher) + Free Delivery @ Zavvi

In the Night Garden: Hello Everybody! Box Set DVD only £16.16 (with voucher) + Free Delivery @ Zavvi

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DVD Description
Contains the following titles: Hello Igglepiggle!, Hello Upsy Daisy!, Hello Makka Pakka!, Hello Tombliboos!

Hello Igglepiggle!

'Igglepiggle's blanket in Makka Pakka's Ditch' - Igglepiggle has lost his blanket. Upsy Daisy helps him look for it. They hear the distant sound of Makka Pakkas trumpet call. The Gazebo shows them a picture of Makka Pakka, so they visit him and find Igglepiggles blanket in Makka Pakkas ditch, blocking Makka Pakkas way. Makka Pakka is so pleased to be able to make his way out into the garden, that he washes Igglepiggles and Upsy Daisys faces on the spot.

'Jumping for Everybody' - The Pontipines count to six. Upsy Daisy shows Igglepiggle how to jump. Soon everybody is joining in the jumping game from the great big Haahoos to the teeny tiny Pontipines. Everybody joins in the dance at the gazebo.

'Igglepiggle's Mucky Patch' - Igglepiggle falls down flat and gets a muddy patch on his tummy. He gets the mud on his hand, on his blanket and on Upsy Daisy. Igglepiggle and Upsy Daisy go riding in the Ninky Nonk and spread mucky patches all over that too. Finally they meet Makka Pakka who washes them all clean. Thank you Makka Pakka! Everybody joins in the dance at the gazebo.

'The Pinky Ponk Adventure' - The Pinky Ponk gets stuck in a tree and tips up. Everybody slides up one end. They rock back and forth and tip the Pinky Ponk the other way. They slide up to the other end. The Pinky Ponk tips back and forth and everybody slides up and down, having great fun. At last the Pinky Ponk breaks free and flies off, taking everybody to the dance. 'Igglepiggle's Blanket Walks About By Itself' - Igglepiggle is enjoying dancing in the garden. He leaves his blanket in a safe place but when he returns, it is gone. Igglepiggles blanket has landed on Makka Pakka and seems to be running about by itself.

Hello Upsy Daisy!

'Quiet Please Tombliboos Upsy Daisy Wants to Sing!' - Upsy Daisy sets up her own special megaphone to sing. Unfortunately, there is so much noise coming from the Tombliboos house that she cant make herself heard. Finally, all is well when everyone sings together.

'Upsy Daisy Kisses - Everything!' - Upsy Daisy loves the garden so much, she frequently happily kisses everything around her. Today, when she kisses a flower, the bridge, a tree magical things happen. The bridge plays music, the flower grows, the tree sheds beautiful blossom.

'Upsy Daisy's Big Loud Sing Song!' - Upsy Daisy chooses to sing through her megaphone. The Pontipines cover their ears what loud singing! They complain over the trubliphone, but then Makka Pakka joins in with his trumpet and they make lovely music together.

'Igglepiggle Looks for Upsy Daisy and Follows her Bed!' - Igglepiggle cannot find Upsy Daisy, but then he spots her bed. Upsy Daisys bed always knows where Upsy Daisy is. Igglepiggle follows Upsy Daisys bed all the way to Upsy Daisy.

'The Ninky Nonk Wants a Kiss!' - Upsy Daisy is kissing everything in the garden. She kisses a tree, a flower and Igglepiggle. She rides around the garden in the Ninky Nonk visiting and kissing people and things. Suddenly the Ninky Nonk stops and wont go. Upsy Daisy wonders why then realises -the Ninky Nonk wants a kiss too!

Hello Makka Pakka!

'Makka Pakka's Stone Concert' - Makka Pakka discovers he can make musical notes by tapping different stones. He makes up a tune. Everyone hears it and comes to listen to Makka Pakkas stone concert.

'Runaway Og-Pog' - Makka Pakka is busy cleaning stones in the garden when his Og-pog runs away by itself. Makka Pakka and everyone in the garden give chase, but only the clever Pontipine children know how to stop it. Then Makka Pakka has his Og-pog back safe and sound.

'Makka Pakka's Present' - Makka Pakka makes a pile of six stones. One by one he gives everyone in the garden a stone for a present. He is left with one a special stone for Makka Pakka.

'Makka Pakka Gets Lost' - Makka Pakka sets off through the garden looking for stones to wash and tidy. He is so busy he loses his way oh dear, which way is home? No need to worry - because here comes the Pinky Ponk. Makka Pakka follows the Pinky Ponk all the way home. Everybody joins in the dance at the gazebo.

'Washing the Haahoos' - The smallest Pontipines and the biggest Haahoos are all clean when Makka Pakka washes their faces. But the Tombliboos are especially clean, because they also have great fun cleaning their teeth.

Hello Tombliboos!

'Too Loud Tombliboos' - The Tombliboos are inside their bush, happily practicing their music so loudly that it can be heard all over the garden. Everybody tries calling to the Tombliboos, but nobody can make themselves heard above the noise. What can be done to stop the terrible racket? The teeny tiny Pontipine children know just what to do.

'The Tombliboos' Busy Day' - The Tombliboos have a very busy day. First they ride on the Pinky Ponk, then they explore the garden and finally, they return to their house to clean their teeth before bedtime.

'Tombliboo Trousers' - The Tombliboos are having fun in the garden but, whatever they do, their trousers keep on falling down.

'Tombliboo Ooo drinks everybody else's Pinky Ponk juice' - Everyone is enjoying a ride on the Pinky Ponk, but Tombliboo Ooo is more interested in drinking all the Pinky Ponk juice. Inevitably his tummy is too full so Tombliboo Unn and Tombliboo Eee help him to bed and play music to make him feel better.

'Tower of 5' - The Pontipines are counting to five. Makka Pakka is building a pile of five stones. The Tombliboos are inside their bush, building with their very own bricks. Each Tombliboo is building a tower and when they begin to compare towers and share bricks, they succeed in building a very tall tower indeed a tower of five. Everybody joins in the dance at the gazebo.


Goodnight Everyone? Press on the character icons to see them saying goodnight. On Igglepiggle DVD

Audio Commentary: with the creators Anne Wood & Andrew Davenport. On Igglepiggle DVD

Special Feature: Nap mode View an episode with the nap mode engaged by pressing in the star icon in the episode menu and selecting an episode of your choice. Instead of returning to the main menu this mode displays Igglepiggle sleeping in his boat set against gentle music allowing parents and carers to share with their children a calm & quite moment. On all 4 DVDs.

A wonderful collection featuring each of the characters from IN THE NIGHT GARDEN. Titles included: 'Hello Igglepiggle!', 'Hello Upsy Daisy!', 'Hello Makka Pakka!' and 'Hello Tombliboos!'.


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