In the Night Garden interactive mat/playpath £19.94 @ Amazon ... Save £10.04!!!

In the Night Garden interactive mat/playpath £19.94 @ Amazon ... Save £10.04!!!

Found 16th Nov 2008
Let Iggle Piggle and Upsy Daisy bring you into their Night Garden, and play with them as you tiptoe your way past the gazebo, the bridge, Makka-Pakkas cave and even the Pontipines house! There are 5 different games to choose from, each providing a unique interactive experience!

This the cheapest I've seen this with free delivery (and in stock!). Is £22.49 at Argos and £29.99 pretty much everywhere else..., I have this for my toddler son and its very good!


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best price on the net - thanks!


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llol this link is wrong sends me to a kiddy playmat! that'd look hilarious hanging out of a macbook's expansion slot!
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