In the night garden night time friends iggle piggle £7.99 @ argos

In the night garden night time friends iggle piggle £7.99 @ argos

Found 22nd Aug 2013
Night time iggle piggle now only £7.99 in argos on less than half price this currently is £20-£30 every were else. night time upsy daisy is also on offer at £8.99 both say phrases and have a little lantern night light x
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Hot deal. Thank goodness my kids have moved on from this now though. Ben & Holly is slightly less mundane.
Thanks reserved :-)
thanks op have some heat already had uppsy daisy one put away for christmas
bagged one cheers!
Thanks OP - ordered one for my son for Christmas
Our son loves this guy. The torch is great for a toddler as well.
Just picked up at this price good quality will b good crimbo present for my son
Good price, went to take the kids to NG Live on the weekend and they were selling the same thing for £15 there.
Good size although doesn't say phrases
Ahhh nice one, just reserved one of each for my 2
Cheers all apparently they don't say phrases but at this price and the fact the lantern lights up as a night light plus they come with a story book and removable clothes so little 1 can get them ready for bed when they do makes it an ideal night time buddy x
I've got one for my son, he loves iggle piggles, thank you
Thanks OP I've reserved one for my son for Christmas
Reserved cheers
Yay!! picked up mine today!! Great find OP...not cheap looking at all
Happy Happy
Thanks. Yet another Xmas pressie sorted I'm on the ball this year lol
OH picked ours up last night, they're great for the price, really pleased, and yet more pressies put away for Christmas :-)
Just picked my 3 up aswell they r realy good will have 1 happy son n 1 happy neice n nephew Christmas morning x
Also if any1 wants any from dewsbury shop I reserved 2 iggle piggle and 1 upsy daisy so can give u the reservation code there available untill the 29th August x
Reserved for in store collection ty great price
I reserved this last night, well happy with the price. Got to the store today to find the price had gone up overnight. Not happy!!
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