In The Valley Of Elah & Persepolis [Blu Ray] £1.97 Each plus P&P - Choices

In The Valley Of Elah & Persepolis [Blu Ray] £1.97 Each plus P&P - Choices

Found 20th May 2009Made hot 20th May 2009
Couple of cheap Blu Rays here if they are of any interest.

Valley Of Elah

Thriller starring Tommy Lee Jones and Charlize Theron. After being informed that his son, Mike (Jonathan Tucker), has gone missing after his return from a tour of duty in Iraq, Mike's father Hank (Jones) travels to his son's military base to see if he can make any sense of his disappearance. Hank soon becomes frustrated by the lack of interest shown in the case by the military and the police, and with the help of Detective Emily Sanders (Theron), takes matters into his own hands. The pair begin to piece together the events that led to Mike's disappearance, making some interesting discoveries in the process.


Animated film adaptation of Marjane Satrapi's bestselling autobiographical graphic novel set during the Islamic revolution in Iran. When the despotic Shah is overthrown in 1979, Marjane (voice of Chiara Mastroianni) and her family look forward to a new dawn in their beleaguered country. As she grows up, however, Marjane realises that the new fundamentalist rulers are just as brutal as their predecessors. Worried at her inability to stay silent where injustice is concerned, her parents send Marjane to Austria to study for a better life. Alone in a strange land, Marjane encounters suspicion and prejudice but gradually comes to be accepted. When high school is over, though, she finds herself feeling terribly homesick and makes the decision to return to her family in the increasingly repressive Iran...


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Link to ]Persepolis

Can't be vexed at 1.97 for a Blu Ray, heard good things about Persepolis.

stock on order for Valley Of Elah

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stock on order for Valley Of Elah

Thanks - the other one's gone the same way as well now

Looks a good price for what appears to be a good film, according to reviews on Amazon.
But their shipping costs makes it a no-no for me especially as I can't find anything else to buy to obtain the free shipping amount of £25....the majority of their stock seems way overpriced.

still a blu-ray for under £4
i ordered....will be keeping an eye out for the usual HDUK "sorry your orders been canceled" tho lol

is this a mis price or they just trying to sell stock??

Hot from me, ordered :thumbsup:

Great price, many thanks

odds are you will never get them like the last bargain blu rays from choices

Ordered boh, doubt they will arrive, but you've got to be in it to win it as they say.

Its also £1.99 for delivery.

can't see any account options? sure I used to have an account with choices... checked out without even being asked for an email address :?

Its gotta be worth a stab for that price:thumbsup:

to put in context just how hot this is - it costs twice as much to RENT this film for a SINGLE NIGHT from blockbuster.

typical; you can't even place an order for it now!!

so that's it!!


typical; you can't even place an order for it now!!so that's it!!

Im still able to put them in my basket.


typical; you can't even place an order for it now!!so that's it!!

I've just ordered them both :whistling:

Likewise it worked for me not expired.

Just for Info.

Both Disks are Not region free
Will only run on a UK sourced region B player.

Ordered yeaterday, just got cancellation emails for both titles now :x

Oh well, was worth a punt

Thank you for your order from our website for In The Valley Of Elah (Blu-Ray).

This DVD sold out very quickly and we are truly very sorry to have to advise you that we are not going to be able to fulfil your order on this occasion.

We can confirm that no debit has been made to your card. good f*ckin job b*atch lol.

Once again, we are very sorry for this disappointment.

Kind regards

Jackie Ashton


Mine cancelled as well.

no doubt like normal the people who ordered 10 copies will get them all but the ones who ordered one copy will miss out lol.
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