Independence Day 2-Disc special edition @ ASDA instore only £2

Independence Day 2-Disc special edition @ ASDA instore only £2

Found 15th Jan 2008
Check out Asda for other titles which include ID4, Parenthood (£2) and Pretty Woman 15th Anniversary (£3). But they have bucket loads of DVDs from £2 upwards.



They made an independence day 2?

Good deal for 2 quid i spose.
They also have The Passion Of Christ and Back to the Future and others that i cant remember all 2 quid.

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Exactly when????

I bought Evolution and Short Circuit 2 for £2 each for the kids - bargain!!


Exactly when????…mi/ :thumbsup:
Doesn't mention any other DVDs though

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Jonny_K;1459030 :thumbsup:Doesn't mention any other DVDs though

Thanks! Yet, I do suppose some people need reminding about these things. :thumbsup:

im getting

DVD £2.93 Free Delivery


im getting

Instore :thumbsup:

If you can't get this at Asda any more, try Morrissons. They have it as part of their 2 for £5 offer, which includes some other 2 disc SE's. It makes it 52p more though (or 3.02 more if you don't want another film)

This film is still in my Local Asda, because i saw it in there today.

I found this in asda was priced at £3 but whent the guy put it through the till came up as £2 GREAT film GREAT Price

Getting this, been wanting to watch for SO LONG, but never have :P
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