Indesit 8kg 1400 Spin Washing Machine £285 ( PWE 8148 Silver) @ Appliance Deals

Indesit 8kg 1400 Spin Washing Machine £285 ( PWE 8148 Silver) @ Appliance Deals

Found 5th Nov 2009
Here's a good deal on a 8kg washing machine. £265 + £20 delivery - includes speedy delivery. Saturday delivery was available earlier but maybe too late for that now.

The white model is showing as £398.
Other retailers have this at least £50 more expensive.

I know you lot are a bit sceptical of Indesit on here and maybe they don't last as long as other machines but they're normally easy to service and spares are normally cheap

I've dealt with Appliance Deals in the past and they're fine. They ring up the evening before to confirm a 4 hour delivery slot. They will ring you up and try and sell you their overpriced warranties mind, but they've been friendly whenever I've spoken to them.


:w00t: all made in poland and they are having quality problems ah ah ah ah
thats what you get when you make a good work force in the uk redundant
we made hotpoint brand in wales for over 50 years
ho dear its all gone t-ts up for them

It may be cheap but Indesit have a very poor reliability record. We had 3 bearing changes on ours, would never buy another one, the electronics go wrong too. Unfortunately Hotpoint used ot be good, and will probably go the same way if they use copmmon parts now.

Anyone who's looing for a high-capcity wash machine... bear in mind (from experience) all these stated weights 8Kg, 7Kg, 9Kg etc... are only guaranteed on the longest wash-cycles. You put 8Kg in the quick-wash or normal 40min wash and see what comes out! It will probably not be washed well and full of soap suds still. Even Bosch's 8Kg machine (of which I own one) only recommends 8Kg on the 2hr wash.

Dont buy indeshit!

A washing machine engineer's nightmare, I've been put of buying another Indesit, read far too messages in many forums warning me not to, plus having had an Indesit machine that needed one thing or another doing to it on a too frequent basis

Won't vote hot or cold as can't tell you if the price is any good for this model but I would rather now pay a few extra quid for a decent brand with better reliability and less maintenance issues.
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