INDESIT Innex XWA91683X Washing Machine - £269.00 - Free Delivery @ Currys (9kg load 1600rpm)

INDESIT Innex XWA91683X Washing Machine - £269.00 - Free Delivery @ Currys (9kg load 1600rpm)

Found 30th Jun 2015
Was looking for a cheap washing machine with a large capacity (9kg), I bought the Hotpoint one from argos that was a pricing error and received the text saying my order had been cancelled. This is the next best thing I could find for the price.

Delivery is free, I had the option to choose next day delivery for free too but the booking slot is the whole day, you can change this to a 4 hour period but this will cost £20.

Special offer on at the moment where you get 6 months of Aerial tablets free.

1600rpm speed, with fast wash options for a wash in 9 minutes.

I think a decent washing machine for the price, here's the blurb.

The Indesit Innex XWA91683X Washing Machine is designed to make washing easier and more efficient for families.

Push and Wash

Cut down on the amount of time you spend preparing for washes with the handy Push and Wash button. Once pressed for two seconds, the machine switches on and a 30°C, 1200 rpm mixed wash cycle kicks in - and it will be done in just 50 minutes. Have complete confidence when washing with this great everyday feature.

Fast Forward Function

For the ultimate convenience set your Indesit Innex XWA91683X to the Fast Forward Function which skips part of the wash phase and goes straight to a brief rinse cycle ensuring detergent is rinsed out - perfect if you have to rush out unexpectedly.

Sports cycles

Just been to the gym? Don't worry. Simply put your sweaty gear in a sports cycle and choose from Sports Light, Sport SHOES, Gym Kit and technical wear to ensure all your specialist clothing gets treated appropriately.


If you are worried about your favourite woollens getting ruined, you can have complete peace of mind as the Innex XWA91683X Freestanding Washing Machine has a Golden Woolmark stamp, treating woollen fibres with advanced care.

Rapid cycle

If you are running low on time, put your clothes on a Rapid Cycle and the quick wash will save you time and energy. This quick wash takes just 30 minutes for smaller loads.

Premium technology

The clear LED screen displays important facts such as temperature, spin speed, and which phase the programme is on. You also have the option of up to a 9 hour time delay.

Water Balance technology

The XWA91683X Washing Machine features Water Balance technology that has been designed to save you time, energy, water and essentially, money! How does it work? The sophisticated sensors adapt the amount of water used per cycle dependent upon the load size you put in so you can be sure that you only ever use the resources you need.

With an A+++ energy class, you can be confident you are doing your part for the environment and saving extra energy around your house.

The Indesit Innex XWA91683X Washing Machine will exceed your expectations with plenty of helpful and advanced features.
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would be nice if Argos didn't still have my money.

would be nice if Argos didn't still have my money.

Mine too sadly! That's the chance you take though really.
Why cold? Can anyone show me a better deal?
That's a lot of washing machine for the money. Don't know why it's cold.
maybe because the hotpoint one from argos was a washer/dryer. Loads of washing machines out there for this price or cheaper
yes but the washer/dryer from argos should have been £600. Find me one with better specs for cheaper then, don't just make throw away comments without anything to support your statement.
Still cold though?

Still cold though?

By all means, feel free to post a deal yourself now and then so we can all troll you ;-)
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