Indi Fierce BMX Bike - 20" £59.99 @ Halfords

Indi Fierce BMX Bike - 20" £59.99 @ Halfords

Found 5th Dec 2012
The Indi Fierce BMX Bike is a great value BMX featuring a tough steel frame, V-brakes and quill stem.

RRP £159.99, in-store price £69.99. Their "Deal of the Day". Don't know much about bikes, but this seems like good value!
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Careful with Halfords pricing. They regularly pretend that things cost more so that they can discount them (no-one ever paid anything more than "half-price" for a Halfords Professional socket set). I'm guessing that this is a £70 bike. Might be good value but ignore the RRP
nice ordered one
If you use code A12KB04 you can get a further 10% off
Ordered from shop as web site unavailable, built, delivered and honoured 10% code - £54 - job's a good un!
Thanks, just ordered for my son's birthday
Thank op
Just ordered 2 for collection tomorrow thanks op
Ok if it's not going to be used very much or hard! Another bike that's going to cost you money not long after purchase.
Will this be strong enough for an adult sized 12 yr old aprox 5ft 7'' ?
Good deal
just don't get them to put it together for you or you will be taking it to a proper shop soon.
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