Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull [2 DVD] £3.95 delivered @ The Hut

Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull [2 DVD] £3.95 delivered @ The Hut

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Not the best IJ film but a good price for the 2 disc version.
Nearly 20 years after riding his last Crusade, Harrison Ford makes a welcome return as archaeologist/relic hunter Indiana Jones in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, an action-packed fourth installment that's, in a nutshell, less memorable than the first three but great nostalgia for fans of the series. Producer George Lucas and screenwriter David Koepp (War of the Worlds) set the film during the cold war, as the Soviets--replacing Nazis as Indy's villains of choice and led by a sword-wielding Cate Blanchett with black bob and sunglasses--are in pursuit of a crystal skull, which has mystical powers related to a city of gold. After escaping from them in a spectacular opening action sequence, Indy is coerced to head to Peru at the behest of a young greaser (Shia LaBeouf) whose friend--and Indy's colleague--Professor Oxley (John Hurt) has been captured for his knowledge of the skull's whereabouts. Whatever secrets the skull holds are tertiary; its reveal is the weakest part of the movie, as the CGI effects that inevitably accompany it feel jarring next to the boulder-rolling world of Indy audiences knew and loved. There's plenty of comedy, delightful stunts--ants play a deadly role here--and the return of Raiders love interest Karen Allen as Marion Ravenwood, once shrill but now softened, giving her ex-love bemused glances and eye-rolls as he huffs his way to save the day. Which brings us to Ford: bullwhip still in hand, he's a little creakier, a lot grayer, but still twice the action hero of anyone in film today. With all the anticipation and hype leading up to the film's release, perhaps no reunion is sweeter than that of Ford with the role that fits him as snugly as that fedora hat. --Ellen A. Kim

DVD Description
DVD Special Features
- Production Diary: Making of Crystal Skull
- Warrior Make-up
- The Crystal Skulls
- Iconic Props
- The Effects of Indy
- Adventures in Post Production
- Closing: Team Indy
- Pre-Visualisation Sequences
- Galleries
- Trailers


This movie is the Jar Jar Binks of the Indy series and should be banished to a deep, dark hole never to be uncovered.

crap movie good price though.

It's a good movie in the cheesey spirit of the other films! Hot from me...

Nooooo, they raped him.

This is the only film I watched where I wanted to go to sleep in the cinema, and I even watched the Sentinel at cinema! Cheap, but crap really.


Nooooo, they raped him.

A South Park classic!


What a terrible film, shame on you Harrison. Do not buy.

George oh George, what is it with you and the aliens? Can't you ever resist?

Having said that, some good action scenes in this film - worth the price.

This is a very expensive coffee mat !! :whistling:

Crap movie! It was just a guarenteed money-spinner for Lucas.

A real turkey of a film - so it's kind of festive.

awfull film, a disgrace to the indiana jones films of the past.

Hmm, not many people here lovin this.

Not surprised, it's bilge. Wish I'd never watched it (totally ruined the IJ series)

It wasnt that bad was it? I quite liked it. Anyone saying that going down the aliens route is stupid is pretty much retarded. What have the other films been based on? On yeah, the holy grail, the arc of the covenant and a mystical stone. None of which exist apart from in the minds of simpletons.

£3.00 (Special Edition) in store at Sainsburys.
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