Indiana Jones Hat - £2.39 @ Argos !!
Indiana Jones Hat - £2.39 @ Argos !!

Indiana Jones Hat - £2.39 @ Argos !!

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* Child Indiana hat.
* For ages 3 to 8 years.


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For ages 3-8 years, damn it!

only 3 left in my local store so just bagged one .....Thanx will go with the Indiana jones suit I have just bought him


For ages 3-8 years, damn it!

]Here you go :thumbsup:

Nice find. Just ordered a couple for collection. Don't forget the £1.00 Quidco. Thanks. :-)

I want an indiana jones hat! >:[


]Here you go :thumbsup:

...£11.94 shipping charge!!

...not that I want one of course...ahem :oops::p

Good spot ! Reserved 2 !!!!!!!!!

Wot, no whip :whistling:


]Here you go :thumbsup:

good wor, oddly i want an indie hat but will probably go for one of the ones made by the people who did the costumes , they also do the jackets. nnng they dont do hats anymore...doh

just having read a few of the comments form the yanks on amazon, man those people are odd.

have you seen the comments on this?

"By Richard Wells (Lexington KY, formerly near St.Louis USA) - See all my reviews

Normally when I hear the name Rubies in reference to a costume piece, I turn and run very quickly in the opposite direction.
Recently however, I have been putting together an Indiana Jones costume and when I went to get my hat out, I discovered that my wife had apparently tossed it out.
So while I'm saving up to get a new (good) had, I bought this one. It looks much better than I expected and is slightly bigger than I needed (and my head is an X-Large!).
With a little work this will fill my needs for a few months until I have the green to invest in a better hat. "


"By Blessed with 6 (Alabama) - See all my reviews

Durability: Fun: Educational:
I wasn't sure whether to get child-size or adult, but he is enjoying the adult size. It is just a little big on him, but he did not want me to put elastic in it for him. He is a hat collector and loves Indy. He has a great imagination and has enjoyed the hat. He is careful with it. It will not last very long if it is crushed or played with roughly. But I think this one will last longer than the cheaper options I saw. "

reserved one this morning good buy

thanks got a birthday party tomorrow

Although this looks nothing like the real Indy hat?? Better off getting a better made hat that isn't simply a brown hat marketed as an Indiana Jones hat with a little badge on to remind you what it is!

I got this free when I purchased some Indy toys back in May. It feel's like it made of cardboard, but does look suprisingly good on a "Junior".


Wot, no whip :whistling:

play.com for the whip @ £9.99 delivered instead of £19.99....i've just had one delivered and now i see the whip and hat together are only £9.99 delivered from £24.99.....doh:santa:

Well, stone me.

fantastic. I already have one....:oops: So the boys can have 1 each to. Now where is that dvd of the crystal skull.


play.com for the whip @ £9.99 delivered instead of £19.99....i've just h … play.com for the whip @ £9.99 delivered instead of £19.99....i've just had one delivered and now i see the whip and hat together are only £9.99 delivered from £24.99.....doh:santa:

Should post that as a deal - I'd vote it hot :thumbsup:

my lil boy who is 5 loves dressing up will adore this thank you great find !! how do i add heat?


]Here you go :thumbsup:

Thanks, the missues will be pleased... :thumbsup:
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