Indiana Jones: Soundtrack Collection Boxset (5 discs)- Only £17.99 @

Indiana Jones: Soundtrack Collection Boxset (5 discs)- Only £17.99 @

Found 20th Nov 2008
Posted this deal a week and a half ago as a pre-order, but the price went up so it was expired. The boxset has now been released and the price has reverted back to £17.99. Last time it was only at this price for a few days, so get in there quick if you want one as I would imagine it'll go up again soon.

The entire collection of Indiana Jones CD soundtracks in one boxset. Judging by some reviews of the product on Amazon, it looks like this has previously been at £40 odd, so this seems a bargain at £17.99 for all the soundtracks, plus a bonus disc. Mine has arrived today and it's definitely worth the price, a stunning boxset!

If you did Pre-Order when the price was at £22 something then you can always contact Amazon and get them to refund you the difference as the price has now been lowered.


I recived mine yesterday. It's a great product.

Back up to £22.98 now.

Got mine yesterday as well, for £17.99, excellent boxset, been waiting years for complete soundtrack to Temple of Doom. Still have my old Polydor CD.
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