Indiegala Halloween Scratchy Sale. Games from 23p, plus freebies

Indiegala Halloween Scratchy Sale. Games from 23p, plus freebies

Found 27th Oct 2017Edited by:"wibbleboy"
There are some cheap Steam deals in the IndieGala Halloween Scratchy Sale. Games are from 23p (29 cents), and each purchase comes with a scratch card for another free game.

Direct link to discounted list

I bought Soul Gambler for 23p, and received Sparkle 2 Evo for free.
Soul Gambler
Sparkle 2 Evo

Later I bought Castles for 23p and received Call of Juarez for free.
Call of Juarez

I bought these as separate transactions, so I'm not sure if it's one game free per transaction, or per title.

You can also pick up Cavern Escape for free; it's supposed to be crap, but it's free crap
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Heat added.

Even though I did buy 4 different games in 4 separate transactions, the bonus scratch card games I received were;

Sparkle Zero
Sparkle Zero
Cat On a Diet
Sparkle Zero

Not exactly as random as I had hoped for

Edit: Just bought a 5th game and surprise.....the bonus game was Sparkle Zero again!
Edited by: "Tryingtohelp2" 27th Oct 2017
I guess I must have been lucky this time. Usually with randoms I end up with stuff I already had, or would never play.
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