Indoor Hanging Basket Plants, 30cm, £2.99 @ Lidl 25/7

Indoor Hanging Basket Plants, 30cm, £2.99 @ Lidl 25/7

Found 22nd Jul 2013
Also worth a look from Lidl this coming Thursday, indoor trailing hanging basket plants in 30cm pots. Usually priced at £3.49, reduced to £2.99 this coming Thursday.

- Asparagus Fern
- Boston Fern
- Devil's Ivy
- Grape Ivy
- Chinese Money Plant
- Wandering Sailor
- Creeping Fig
- Inch Plant
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People hang baskets indoor?
Original Poster
Yes, although they look a bit different to outdoor baskets. I would use them as pots of trailing plants for putting on a high surface like a shelf, bookcase, mantelpiece etc. The hangers usually unclip to leave a normal pot but I haven't seen these Lidl ones yet so can't be sure.
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