Infamous PS3 [New] £9.98 @ Game In Store & Online + Quidco

Infamous PS3 [New] £9.98 @ Game In Store & Online + Quidco

Found 12th May 2010Made hot 13th May 2010
Decent price for a decent game


I swear this looks familiar... ;-)

Great price. I got this for £10 second hand off eBay just 2 weeks ago. Very fun game by the way, and relitavely easy platinum if that interests you.

Bought this yesterday in GAME, great price.

Same price on their website as well.


been this price before, i picked it up from the website a few weeks back.

good game, if a bit repetitive

cool game.could be better in places but oberall im enjoying it!!! got for a similar price so this is HOT

Great game, picked it up in Game yesterday at this price. Had rented it before and loved it so hoping to finish.

One of the best PS3 games I've played :thumbsup:

Come this morning
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