InFamous: Second Son (PS4) £22.85 Delivered @ Shopto & Amazon

InFamous: Second Son (PS4) £22.85 Delivered @ Shopto & Amazon

Found 2nd Nov 2014
Infamous Second Son is the third installment of the Infamous franchise.
It is seven years after the events of Infamous 2 and the Department of Unified Protection (DUP) are a monitoring group dedicated to keeping order and capturing Conduits to prevent a similar outcome to The Beast.
The hero Delsin Rowe decides he isn't going out quietly so starts to fight back.
Sucker Punch proudly presents inFamous: Second Son for PlayStation 4.
This next generation title is visually incredible, with a new story to immerse yourself in. When 'privacy' becomes invasive and the authorities abuse their power, you must take on the role of a new kind of hero. The kind of hero that wields such fantastic powers that turn you into a living, breathing human weapon.
Our security comes at a high price - our freedom.
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It's £8 pre owned in cash converters
you really are trying to make people spend their money tonight
I'm waiting for the pre/post Xmas reduction to around the £15 mark then it's bite bite bite.
I'd pay the extra 7 odd quid for the £30 special edition at tesco direct. Cause you get a hat, and hats are cool.
This game is ok, i played it last weekend and completed it 100% (playing good Karma) in around 12-14 hours without much of a rush. Didn't have the inclination to play through it a second time as a bad guy, but if you did i guess you can double that.

It's £8 pre owned in cash converters

Cheapest one they have is £14.99 in Warrington.. £4 postage otherwise

Think id rather get a new copy or buy pre-owned elsewhere rather than buy stolen copy
It's a good game, difficult to sum up, if you liked previous InFamous games then you'll like this, very pretty.
So you never brought a pre owned game before
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