Infamous Special Edition PS3 @ £38.93 Delivered + Quidco

Infamous Special Edition PS3 @ £38.93 Delivered + Quidco

Found 26th May 2009
A whole quid cheaper than plus they will give you quidco on preorders, unlike

A massive explosion rips through six square blocks of Empire City, leveling everything and everyone in its path. At the center of the blast crater a lone man has survived the event and has been changed forever. From the creators of the award-winning Sly Cooper series, Sucker Punch brings you inFamous, the first open-world action-adventure title exclusively for the PlayStation 3 system.


looks like a great game but i will wait til price drops

Really like this game, the demo was awesome!

Ive voted hot, but to be honst, I will wait for a few months when that price will be half that.

definitely going to get it, just not until it is under £30

its 32.99 at shopto:thumbsup: (not special edition though, and still a bit pricey.). youre right, it will go down in a couple of months
demo still downloading for me
anyone think it looks a little bit like a mix between crackdown and gta?

agreed with most comments - a must buy once is drops to £20


or rent for free

Great Game. I bought this game for £32 on shopto and got it delivered 3 days before the release date. Too bad it's not special edition though (sad face).


Make sure you play the game twice. once only getting good karma and once with bad karma (never do good and bad karma quests in the same game). tip from IGN infamous guide (well worth a read):-

[COLOR=black] Play Through Twice - How many times has this already been mentioned in the Basics section of this guide? Nonetheless, we'll mention it one more time. Play through the game twice. We implore you to do this. There are major differences in the game, especially towards the end, that hinge on whether your character is good or evil, and has made good choices or evil ones. Infamous isn't a terribly long game, so heed our call and check out the game twice, playing evil, and playing good. Something tells us you won't be sorry if you do.…tml
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