Infestation dvd £3.99 delivered @ hmv!!!
Infestation dvd £3.99 delivered @ hmv!!!

Infestation dvd £3.99 delivered @ hmv!!!

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this has got good reviews for a creature feature
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Waking up to find himself suspended from his office ceiling by what appears to be a web of some description, reluctant hero Cooper soon realises that Earth has become infested with agitated 3ft bugs. Befriending a motley crue of survivors, including the gorgeous Sara to whom he is instantly attracted, Cooper embarks on a quest for the salvation of mankind. So begins INFESTED, a tongue-in-cheek horror comedy harks back to the halcyon days of the 50s 'creature feature'.


Out of stock...

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oopsy just noticed this is out of stock!

I like how "crue" is spelt like the band, instead of correctly

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ooo now says on my order "awaiting stock allocation" so i may get it after all

If they still let you order it, then the out of stock thing simply means they don't have any right now, but will be getting more.

If something really is out of stock HMV don't even let you order it. Every now and again they get caught out by their lame suppliers and don't get the stock they were expecting, but I think I've only had that happen to me once in years.

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now on special order with the suppliers

Saw this the other week. Much better than I expected for a low budget flick, better than most of the big titles from Hollywood. Some of the CGI is a bit rough but most of the mechanical effects are really good.

Pretty funny too; the game they play is brilliant - we used to do the same thing at one of my old workplaces!

Trailer ]here


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Now Back In Stock!!!!
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