Infinite Undiscovery (Xbox 360) - £9.99 or £9.48 delivered @ SoftUK (from tomorrow 24th Feb) !

Infinite Undiscovery (Xbox 360) - £9.99 or £9.48 delivered @ SoftUK (from tomorrow 24th Feb) !

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INFINITE UNDISCOVERY envelops players in a lush real-time world where any decision can unveil a myriad of discoveries and affect every encounter. The team that created a new standard for RPGs by seamlessly transitioning from battle to field in the STAR OCEAN series now creates a new benchmark for the genre, perfectly marrying traditional tri-Ace elements with the technological possibilities discovered on the Xbox 360. The experience is enhanced with a soundtrack by composer Motoi Sakuraba from the STAR OCEAN and VALKYRIE PROFILE series.

Epic new action adventure RPG gameplay, from tri-Ace the creators of the STAR OCEAN and VALKYRIE PROFILE series. Seamless Real-Time Action with no separate battlefields from the main gameplay environment. Constant discoveries will trigger unique and amazing action sequences. Unique situation battles escape from giant ogres, flee from massive dragon flame attacks and even fight while a tsunami approaches! Command a party of four in real-time to maximise your chances for success Stunning cinematic visuals bring a richly detailed world fully to life.
Immersive, orchestral quality soundtrack from the composer of STAR OCEAN and VALKYRIE PROFILE.


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Has anyone played this? I saw the advert on TV, and it looked very Final Fantasy Esq, is it?

The link above takes you to some DS Game :s

Here's the link you need guys…110

Excellent game! Well worth £10!
Completed in about 35hours..

Average score is 68% on metacritic, perhaps you would be better with Lost Odyssey which is a great game and clocks 50 odd hours game play.

I liked Infinite Undiscovery more then Lost Odyssey . The Developers are tri-Ace who made Star ocean.

I got a free promotional copy of this game last year, and I couldn't even recommend any of my friends borrow it from me. At it's core, it's clearly a decent game, but it's so poorly executed, left me feeling like I'd experienced one of the least polished games of all-time. I would say this is only for the absolute hardcore of RPG fans
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