Infiniti Q50 4 Door Saloon 2.2CDI Executive Auto lease £2.4k+ 23months 8k mileage £6540 (inc VAT) @ Gateway2Lease

Infiniti Q50 4 Door Saloon 2.2CDI Executive Auto lease £2.4k+ 23months 8k mileage £6540 (inc VAT) @ Gateway2Lease

Found 4th Apr 2016
Looking for a good lease deal for myself. Came across this:…php

Infiniti Q50 4 Door Saloon 2.2CDI Executive Auto

£2.4k deposit + £180 per month x 23 = £6540 (inc VAT)

I'm pondering whether to get this as my first lease car (I'm after an auto, 500 litre or more boot space, and over 150bhp - this has 170bhp), but open to hearing of any potentially better deals.

8k mileage might be slightly on the low side for me so I've called up and I'm told it's 10p a mile flat rate excess per mile.

If anyone knows of any other automatic cars with 500+ litre boot space, and 150+ bhp cars at better price, please post.

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3 series estate is also worth considering considering your requirements. Depends on the offers available right now, but could be around 300pm
For a Q50 this is quite a good deal, personally I would adjust the upfront payment so you pay 3 months instead of the 9. Don't forget you have to pay £180 administration fee as well. It's worth trying the main dealers too, they may match it and you don't pay the administration fee
Basically this car is £30k to buy. It will drop a minimum of £12k in price over 2 years. For a premium car like this, paying only £6.5k, you could argue is a bargain... I don't mind people voting cold, if they can suggest a better deal - let's hear some suggestions. Just because you don't want to buy it, doesn't automatically mean it's a cold deal.
@ stumpy - good point about avoiding the £180 admin fee. Always worth using Gateway2Lease for a quote and attempting a price match elsewhere
Seems like a good deal. Hot from me! Not as much of a premium car and a little more expensive but good on juice and bigger milage allowance from lings cars they are doing a 4wd skoda octavia scout estate 2.0 tdi 180bhp auto in metallic for £987 down then 23 months at £269. £7174 total. This has 10 000 per annum milage limit too. 610 litre boot is humongous!
this is their version of a 3 series right?
Is this a Datsun?

That is a proper websh*te. Why would anyone create such a horrendous site?!
It is horrendous I agree! both me and partner have a car from ling as was best price for what we wanted. Nice and easy ordering process. I've got around ten months left on mine and worry if there are going to be any charges when it's picked up. That's the only thing that worries me leasing. I've looked after it and had it serviced at main dealer. Only blemish is a very slightly scuffed alloy. That was the wife!....honest. ....
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