Infinity Blade for iPad & iPhone £1.79

Infinity Blade for iPad & iPhone £1.79

Found 19th May 2011Made hot 20th May 2011
Back at £1.79 again


It's all about High Noon. And that's free.

Is this a good game?

It's an enjoyable game, but not as good as reviews make out in my opinion. It's definitely worth £1.79, but basically it's a repetitive reactions and guessing test with pretty graphics.

good for 10 mins great graphics, then repetitive...... VERY!

Cheers - bought it

Worth noting there was a free update for it today with extra content. Not downloaded yet as I'm on 3G.

Edit: Oohh... multiplayer.
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Purchased, good tech demo

Thanks, bought it.

Bought this game at full price. Deffinately worth £1.79. Although, as said above, it does get repetitive.

ergh i paid 3.99. agree its repetitive but its a great thing to show off the system. shows the potential of ipad games graphically.

Very repetitive.......although so are the majority of iphone/ipad games

Would buy it if I had an iDevice that could play it! Hopefully other developers will release other games using Unreal Engine 3 on iDevice by the time I get my iPhone 5 later this year! (I assume they are licensing out the iPhone code with the PC code?)
Great deal though even if you do only use it as a tech demo to show how much better iOS is than Android :P (at games at least)

Thanks, just downloading iPad version

Best game on my iPhone. Have plenty. It is repetitive, but you're ranking up your character so it never gets dull, as long as your aiming for new wares.


good for 10 mins great graphics, then repetitive...... VERY!

I agree. It looks amazing, yet boring by the end of a review

Bought at full price....good graphics...but too short

Thank you for this. Been waiting for it to be reduced for what feels like ages.

The graphics on the IPAD 2 are amazing for this game. Very good game so far. I can see why people say that it can get very repetitive, but is still nice anyway.
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