Inflatable Canoe Package Deal £274.95 @ Brookbank
Inflatable Canoe Package Deal £274.95 @ Brookbank

Inflatable Canoe Package Deal £274.95 @ Brookbank

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Could come in useful with this flippin' weather.


gr8 for white water rafting? as long as you dont touch the rocks or get pierced on some twig
I always wanted one of these since they used to give them out on bullseye

Canoe believe it...

Its coming up at £265 Is delivery free?

Total is £274.95. You need to change your title to include all.

Will it get you as far as Panama, before you get your credit card bill ?

Is this what Magellan used?

I think this looks brill

I'd pay up to twenty quid for one though
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My mate had an inflatable canoe, bought by his wife. They then moved house to Cornwall and he got it out to use if for the first time and it had a leak. It took forever to find a repair glue and patch and it cost a small fortune. The Kids day trip to the water turned to a nightmare, luckily we helped this fisherman out and then grovelled for a ride in his boat for the kid so not all was lost. I would think thrice about an inflatable boat after that. There was one on the gadget show that was in 2 halves and clipped together. It looked pretty robust. Heat left unchanged.

At least if you got a puncture in one half you could use the other half as a buoyancy aid.


With inflation this might go up!!!!
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