Inflatable Paddling Pool now only £1.88 instore @ ASDA

Inflatable Paddling Pool now only £1.88 instore @ ASDA

Found 13th Jul 2010Made hot 14th Jul 2010
**NOTE - Looks like the one in the picture however has 3 rings and all the rings are in BLUE**
Guessing around 5ft diameter, not sure as I bought the bigger rectangle one instead. (maybe a buyer could confirm size ?)

Found in ASDA Huntly this evening. First post guys, go easy!


Is this the 3 ring version? Was £2.50?

Either way, still good. I bought one for the kids as their ball pitt. It inevitably has a puncture, but for that price would rather go out and buy a couple of them, and just keep replacing them. Keeps the kids happy and is cheap.


its the 3 ring version and its not big enough do anything in...can pick them up from poundland (dont ask how much for!!!!!)

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Yes sorry it is 3 rings, couldn't find a pic of it and the number of rings didn't cross my mind. It is a reasonable size for under 6-7s and they are a lot better quality than the poundland ones, I have bought both before.

£1.88? Cheap way to drown yourself

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nah, pretty sure you can't drown in solid plastic
i think u mean water, 10p for 2L in tesco is a better option lol

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