Infocus Projector @ 229 ex vat & Sony Projector @ 299 ex vat
Infocus Projector @ 229 ex vat & Sony Projector @ 299 ex vat

Infocus Projector @ 229 ex vat & Sony Projector @ 299 ex vat

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These 2 projectors have come in the Dabs business offers.

You need to ring Dabs and quote the ref no to place your order. They are on the Dabs web site but it is awful to navigate and some prices do not match promotional offers.


SONY VPL - ES3 - 4158HD


What lumens are these?


google … google mate?http://www.pcwb.com/catalogue/item/Y989953?speedtrapid=froogle&lead=frooglehttp://www.pixmania.co.uk/uk/uk/542259/art/infocus/in24-ep-video-projector-v.html?srcid=867Both 2000

It often helps if the person placing the deal puts as much information as possible, otherwise there would just be a title and 'go find on google' :roll:
after all they know where the deal is and have the access to the information in the first place.

Thanks for the info but the Infocus is only 1700 lumens


The Sony

* The Infocus IN24 is coming up at 1700 lumens on google?

I bought the Sony VPL-ES3 last sept at £450 and was a bargain then, id recommned it to anyone for home use

use it for ps2 and wii (via component adaptor found here clearly-av.co.uk/SP-…tml) and my pc and xbox 360 over vga

although the EX3 is only £130 more at £480 and if you are using 1280x1024 desktop res or 720p/hd-dvd/blu ray film sources it will give a crisper picture

speakers are quite poor though, but anyone setting up a home cinema should be investing in a 5.1 kit as they can be picked up for under £100 now

If you go for the Sony then consider ]this ceiling mount

I dont know much about projectors so just a couple of basic questions! Would this be suitable for an xbox 360 outputting in HD? Also, what is the maximum 'screen size' it can project? Lastly which one is better as these seem pretty cheap! The ones I was looking at earlier in the year were £700+

One more question Are these comparable picture quality wise to a decent samsung/panasonic etc lcd?

The infocus link I picked said 2000 lumens


Both these PJ's are designed for office use, dont bother with them for gaming or films.

hi does anyone know what are the bulbs like on projectors?as in how many hours wud they last and how mmuch are replacment bulbs. Im lloking to have a projector to replace my tv and or computer monitor so im loking to have the projector on for at least 6hours every day. is that feasible with projectors? or should i stick with a normal lcd tv.

Bulbs on projectors are expensive to replace. Some cost £250 - £300. At work we go through at least 1 bulb a year and that is using it for a couple of hours a day (Infocus IN34).
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