Inforad Speed Camera Detector - £43.93 or less delivered

Inforad Speed Camera Detector - £43.93 or less delivered

Found 28th Jul 2006
Inforad Speed Camera Detector is just £43.93 delivered from

Good price (probably cheapest) for this speed camera detector. price - £78.57 + delivery, - £79.99 + delivery.... Nearly 1/2 price compared to other stores. Go through Quidco for 5% cashback (~ £2).

Offering protection across Europe, it was designed to help protect you accidentally incurring penalty points when driving abroad. INFORAD covers fixed cameras in France, Germany, Benelux, Austria, and Switzerland as well as the UK.

Features: Latest generation, high-sensitivity GPS, Can be used simultaneously as a GPS receiver for navigation applications operating on PC or Pocket PC (optional cable available), Simple, easy to understand LED and audible alarms, Plus and go straight out of the box, Supports 12/24V power supply, Personalised risk areas can be added to the database, Database can be updated with a normal Internet connection (USB lead supplied), Updates are free for the first year, Unique ID numbers which can be used to deactivate INFORADs if they are reported stolen.
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Not wishing to put a dampener on your find edi but these are sh1te.

The Talax Lite from Tesco for around £60 is a much better buy if you are in the market for one.

I have a couple of the full Talex units and several of my friends are using them too, great value for money.
Thanks Stu ;-)

This unit on sale in local Comet for £70+

I dont use any Camera detectors bec I'm a slow pacer. My companion is Navman i330
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