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Posted 28 April 2023

INGCO Paint Sprayer 450W 380ml/min, Fence Paint Sprayer 800ml Detachable Container - £29.99 Dispatches from Amazon Sold by INGCO UK

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About this item
  • Material: Pure copper nozzle and core are not easy to rust.The air inlet's dustproof sponge and the efficient cooling hole effectively protect the motor. Copper wire motor has a long service life
  • Precise spray & pattern control: The spray gun has three different spray shapes that can be adjusted( horizontal / vertical /circular). Variable speed switch can control spray flow rate, the maximum spray flow can reach 380ml/min. Spraying more uniform and accurate. Equipped with three copper spray nozzles (1.8mm/2.6mm/3.0mm) to meet different flow and atomization requirements
  • Comfortable grip: The weight of the product is only 1.1kg and the handle is designed with rubber, so it won't get tired after a long time use
  • Wide application: Spray gun can be used for spraying wall paint, spraying furniture,garden watering,etc. It can be used for different scenarios.You can apply the device to different varnishes and glaze viscosities (up to 50DIN-s). The paint sprayer equipped with a 800ml container, it is not necessary to add paint frequently
  • What you will get: 1x Corded Spray Gun + 3x Copper Spray Nozzles + 1x Viscosity Measuring Cup + 1x Nozzle Cleaning Needle
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  1. C0mbat's avatar
    This doesn't cost too much more and seems like a much better option if you have a large area to paint. Honey price tracking suggests that it goes down to £55 once per month to:

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    Just done my fences with this exact model and really can’t recommend it enough.
  2. ivandias's avatar
    Just got this. Thanks OP... Will update you guys on how it is..
  3. rowly73's avatar
    I have about 30 panels to paint. I would be interested to know roughly how much paint this will get through per panel?
    mmachine's avatar
    mmachine Author
    personally i would use a pump up sprayer thats got a 5ltr capacity if you have got that many panels to do ,just spray it on and if you have got some one to help you let them follow you with a large brush to brush it out (edited)
  4. haleswoodcrew's avatar
    I recently bought the Wagner sprayer (horrific name of a brand) from Amazon after it was advertised on HDUK. I painted about 20 fence panels in a few hours - with a paint brush it has previously taken days! It definitely uses more paint than a brush, but the finish is superb. I wouldn’t recommend it for indoor jobs as the spray pattern is very wide spread.
    mmachine's avatar
    mmachine Author
    as with these sprayers best if you have got some one to help you as in you spray it on then they follow you with a 4 inch brush to spread it out and collect whats on the brush to reuse thats far easier than just spraying yourself to make sure you cover everything
  5. Chengaiz's avatar
    Anybody used this? Reviews seem mixed but not bad for the price?
  6. gasc2188's avatar
    Would this squirt cleaning solution about 4 metres up a wall. Tried using a pump up one, but doesn't quite get it high enough
    Wieczor's avatar
    Doubt it but pressure washer with smth like foam Dispenser would do that (edited)
  7. Flyer01's avatar
    For those with insider knowledge, would painting the exterior of a large extended bungalow with Sandtex microseal be possible with this, or is it really a very bad idea? Time isn't really a consideration ie it won't need to be done in two days, I could do it over a few weeks if required. But obviously there is a world of difference between the idea and the reality. I'm happy to rent a large sprayer if I really need to, but I'm curious if having little time constraint opens the possibility of using this.

    Thank you!
    Deal4U-xxx's avatar
    I have not done it myself; but based on the following link, by thin the paint down, you should be able to do it.

  8. dr_mj_99's avatar
    Can this be used indoors to paint walls/furniture?
    Popeye_the_Sailor's avatar
    I’ve just come back from my friends house today after helping him paint all day. He’s using a spray gun to paint internal doors off their hinges in the garage. The spray goes everywhere. I wouldn’t recommend spraying indoors unless the room is completely bare
  9. minimoff's avatar
    I got the recent screwfix deal for £20.


    Absolutely fantastic. I did two coats on all my garden fences took me around 4 hours total. Would have previously taken me the whole day (maybe more) to do one coat.

    Highly recommended
  10. hawsh's avatar
    Used one of these a couple of weeks back to do about 12 6ft panels, used 5L of Cuprinol and only took a few hours! So much easier then brushing .
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