Inglourious Basterds - cdwow £ 3.40

Inglourious Basterds - cdwow £ 3.40

Found 2nd Sep 2010
Quentin Tarantino's long-gestating, and much anticipated, World War II film is sure to delight fans of his artful touch with dialogue and visuals. Inspired by Enzo G. Castellari's Italian war epic, INGLORIOUS BASTARDS, Tarantino's film is a remake in name only and concerns the resistance against Nazi forces in occupied France. Brad Pitt leads a strong ensemble that includes Diane Kruger (TROY), Michael Fassbender (HUNGER) and filmmaker Eli Roth (director of HOSTEL).


Good price for an awful film - not voted but the film is weak.

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I love the film, one of my fav Tarantino's :-)

This is a great film on any level - Tarantino fans would lap it up.....non Tarantino fans may be persuaded to like the guy after a simple viewing. Hot price!

I love Pulp Fiction ,Jackie Brown is good but never rated res.dogs or kill bill - Ichi is the one !!

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As ichi is Japanese for one, you are correct :-)

ps bargain over

I'm a Tarantino fan, but thought this film was pretty awful.. I most certainly didn't, and won't, lap it up!
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