Ink Club Free delivery (worth 2.99) untill 5/8/07

Ink Club Free delivery (worth 2.99) untill 5/8/07

Found 18th Jul 2007
Free Delivery until 5th Aug 2007

Will take the delivery charge off @ the checkout

(still £9 quidco)


The first rule of Ink Club is, you do not talk about Ink Club... :-D

lol so now theyre giving a free cartridge to every household, with free delivery, and 9 quid too !!

i think the first rule of ink club is actually: dont make money !!!

Delivery charge still showing £2.99 for me

same here. 2.99 delivery charge still showing. will try again tomorrow...

You have to go through the link in the email to get free delivery.
If you go via quidco to get the free gift,delivery is added to your order.
Best thing to do is to go via quidco first,get the free gift in your basket and register.Then also go to ink club via the free delivery link.Go back to your original visit and go to checkout and the free delivery should have kicked in.Hopefully the quidco cashback will still appply,but this is not guaranteed.
Here is a link from my email for those who haven't received it:
Edit:I think you still need to add something to the basket that you actually pay for.I tried to go through with £0.00 showing,but it said there is a problem with the card.

Thank you for trying to help:thumbsup:

Paid the delivery charge, hopefully Quidco will track £6.01:-D cake & eat it:whistling:
it seems Quidco 9.00 validated:thumbsup: :-D
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