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Selected Items £0 Offer (£3.95 p+p) @ InkClub
Found 5th Jun 2014Found 5th Jun 2014
(Use the link for list of items/more info) As our customer we offer you the chance to choose from a large selection of products from our entire range for £0. You are free to choos… Read more

That same calculator is £8 on Amazon, so their price of £22 is extortionate. Still, good for £3.95


If it is a Scientific calculator, then £3.95 is not a bad price!


Yeah I know :( not so bad if you are already ordering something tho I guess xD


the only good offer I can see for £0 is the men's Razer. shame about the postage price.


Nice find :)

Free Ink Cartridge or Photo Paper For New Customers @ Ink Club
Found 10th Feb 2011Found 10th Feb 2011
This seems a good deal, just register with their website and recieve either a free cartridge for your printer or photo paper. Not bad for free New customers can order an ink cartri… Read more

Dont forget if you are buying from inkclub click through from topcashhback for a bit of money back. i have ordered from them before (not the cheapest anymore though)


its 2.99 or whatever post for paper so as above not free


Not Technically Free. The Photopaper Is Free But You Have To Pay Full Shipping Charge.


Says it on front page but my inkjet printer isn't showing up and no mention of free photo paper on page for laser printer.

Canvas Paper, A4, 10 sheets, 300g (+ free postage)
Found 12th May 2010Found 12th May 2010
Photo print-outs on canvas paper Your photo print-outs will look like canvas paintings! Just pick out your favourite photo, print on the canvas paper, place in a frame and youre d… Read more

Thanks for this just ordered 2 packs.


Lovely - ordered some for my wedding photos. Great find - thanks


Ordered one too. Thanks


Just ordered a pack. Thank you. :)


Ordered one. Thanks OP! (H & R added)

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10% discount on all of inkClub's products
Found 11th Mar 2010Found 11th Mar 2010
We now offer all inkClub customers a 10% discount on all of our products. Don't miss this offer, buy ink cartridges, laser toners and printer supplies at a 10% discount today! Th… Read more

Not entirely true. I have a HP DESKJET 1220C and require HP 45's and they are nromally 29.58 from inkclub but with 10% they are £26.62. 999inks are however are still selling at £29.95, thus making them more expensive


COLD Much dearer than 999inks

Found 20th May 2009Found 20th May 2009
At ink club, for new customers "New customers can order an ink cartridge for £ 0 to most Epson & Canon printers. For HP & Lexmark printers, we offer a pack of photo paper … Read more
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Plus they're only compatible cartridges anyway


This should be in deals as no matter how expensive cartridges are and the only cost is p&p it is still not free


thanks will give this a try..


some ink is less then £1 so its not a freebie : (


Canon pixma cartridges are usually about £9 + p&p so I'm quite happy to get a freebie and just pay the postage thanks:thumbsup:

USB Hub for Half the Price £ 3.89 @ Ink Club (regular price £ 7.78)
Found 25th Feb 2009Found 25th Feb 2009
You now get a 50% price reduction on our four-port USB hub. Simply plug in the hub and you have increased the number of USB ports on your computer.

poundland usb hubs are only USB 1.1 not v2.0 so are quite a bit slower, I have one, also some items like MCE remote don't function correctly in the poundland hub


i've got a poundland one , works well and have had it for some time :)


I've got one....can't fault it for a quid! :-D


Is it powered? Is shipping included?


This one got upto 400c and mine gets -3c Dunno why I bother

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Free printer cartridge or photo paper @ Ink Club
Found 18th Aug 2008Found 18th Aug 2008
New customers can order an ink cartridge for £ 0 for most Epson & Canon printers. For HP & Lexmark printers, free pack of photo paper for £ 0.

HOT! But even more SIZZLING as CBK or Rpoints both give £6 cashback on a sale, even for these FREE products. :)


great deal ordered mine heat added


Even with P&P £2.99 is still a good deal for some cartridges. This cost should be in the title but the OP is a newbie.


I'm using one of these at the moment in my Epson R300 (back when Quidco were giving £3 as well as the free ink cartridge). I haven't had any problems with it, and it seems to last longer than the usual compatible ink cartridges I've used in the past. Hot :)


I think this is pretty much a permanent offer.

Found 7th Apr 2008Found 7th Apr 2008
New customers are welcome to order an ink cartridge for £ 0, valid for most EPSON and CANON printers or free photo paper for HP and LEXMARK. Save up to 45% off retail prices on ink… Read more
lightbulb :thumbsup:


"A shipping charge of £ 2.99 incl. VAT will be added per order, regardless of order size."...but still a profit if Quidco pay up £9


go through quidco and get £9 for your first order :-)

3 photo paper packs for the price of 1, plus QUIDCO, plus £2.99 delivery, Free ink cartridge for New Customers
Found 12th Mar 2008Found 12th Mar 2008
This is how you place your order: 1. Choose your printer Brand 2. Select model 3. Click the product labeled with 3-PAK Temporary Bargain Price New customers can also order a fre… Read more
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How can you get to the 'New customers can also order a free ink cartridge (limited selection) ' part ?


This is their own brand paper. Suggest you make comparison with Play/Amazon prices for manufacturer specific paper as the results (for example with HP Photosmart printers designed for HP 'Advanced' paper) are significantly different and the cost differential is small if you shop carefully.

1 Printer Ink Free (2.99 Del) Plus £9.00 Quidco for New Customers!
Found 14th Feb 2008Found 14th Feb 2008
Have just got a free Brother Black 20ml printer Cartridge, plus £9 quidco, and only paid £2.99 delivery. New Customers only. Not just Brother - other makes and colours also availab… Read more
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Nice deal heat


Thanks got black ink for CX3200 for £2.99 and as you say Quidco £9 too.


Click on a printer that doesn't offer a free cartridge, for example. the hp 950c. You will find the free paper there. Don't understand why this can be voted cold? If your printer isn't there, or you don't want to risk receiving the wrong ink, take the paper.


Ink Club have been a bit rubbish for me! I signed up via Quidco before Christmas and blagged the £9 referral as well as the free ink cartridge for my Epson Stylus D92. They sent me the wrong ink catridge twice. Tried again a few weeks later. And guess what? Wrong ink cartridge for my printer again! Can't be bothered to try for third-time-lucky!


post 13 :whistling:

A 10-pack of CD-R for free with every purchase!
Found 24th Oct 2007Found 24th Oct 2007
Right now we are offering you a 10-pack of CD-R from Hewlett Packard (at a value of £ 3.45), each time you place an order with us. This promotion is independent of the amount you … Read more
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Colder than a witch's ***!?????? if your going to buy something from them anyway, something for nothing is always good:-D heat added


It's £9 ] but I don't think you can get both as you have to go through the link in the OP to get the free CDRs


If you havn't used this company before you get £8 Quidco (£8 ?) on your first purchase too I believe, meaning you get a profit + goods.


I don't think so! The actual link is (no user details!)


Did the email link have some kind of user-specific detail in it, which might relate to yourself only? I'm just wondering if the "will be automatically added to your order" would only work for the intended recipient of the email.

Free Ink + Free FULL Roboform Program - & earn £6.01 !
Found 17th Oct 2007Found 17th Oct 2007
I can't find any previous mention of this offer but it expires on the 30th of this month so need to get in quick. If you order from a list of products you will get Roboform (One o… Read more

I really don't think you can get both affiliate deals at the same time. Surely either one or the other will track. So, as you can get £9 from quidco, the roboform is costing you £9 if you go that route. If anyone has actually managed to get both, I stand corrected. So, has anyone actually done that?


Roboform is [the] one piece of software I've paid for & it's worth every penny. Voted hot.


Bump .........


Going to go for this - thanks rizla :)


Roboform rocks

INKCLUB Webcam deal- LOGITECH QuickCam Express £9.74 (inc p+p) +£9 Quidco!!
Found 16th Aug 2007Found 16th Aug 2007
Order a webcam today and pay only £ 6.75. Don't miss out on this opportunity, our price is hard to beat! This QuickCam Express offers high video quality and makes it easier than e… Read more

same here. still waiting :/


not received anything + no quidco yet either!


anyone receive their webcam yet ?


apparently, with some sites, doing this will not enable you to register the quidco points. it's always advisable to go through quidco before ordering.


If you add it to ya Basket then go to Quidco and click the link it should still be in there, my one was, I did start enterting card detials in and confirm then saw there was no HTTPS or Padlock, so if they wanted to they have my detials lol, so not sure to go and do it now

Ink Club Free delivery (worth 2.99) untill 5/8/07
Found 18th Jul 2007Found 18th Jul 2007
Free Delivery until 5th Aug 2007 Will take the delivery charge off @ the checkout (still £9 quidco)

Thank you for trying to help:thumbsup: Paid the delivery charge, hopefully Quidco will track £6.01:-D cake & eat it:whistling: it seems Quidco 9.00 validated:thumbsup: :-D


You have to go through the link in the email to get free delivery. If you go via quidco to get the free gift,delivery is added to your order. Best thing to do is to go via quidco first,get the free gift in your basket and register.Then also go to ink club via the free delivery link.Go back to your original visit and go to checkout and the free delivery should have kicked in.Hopefully the quidco cashback will still appply,but this is not guaranteed. Here is a link from my email for those who haven't received it: ] Edit:I think you still need to add something to the basket that you actually pay for.I tried to go through with £0.00 showing,but it said there is a problem with the card.


same here. 2.99 delivery charge still showing. will try again tomorrow...


Delivery charge still showing £2.99 for me


lol so now theyre giving a free cartridge to every household, with free delivery, and 9 quid too !! i think the first rule of ink club is actually: dont make money !!!

InkClub free cartridge + £9.00 cashback through Quidco
Found 17th Jun 2007Found 17th Jun 2007
I just found this deal and thought I would share it here. They are offering a free cartridge and £9.00 cashback through Quidco. I have just done this about an hour ago and ordered… Read more

Cheers mate - Can't beat a freebie with cash in yeh pocket to boot! Heat added!


Mine cart was order 1st July and quidco paid 1st Sept


Well my cashback at Quidco has finally been verified though with no payment date specified...


I got mine although the cashback at topcashback is still showing pending


My quidco is still showing as validated, not actually received yet.

Ink for your Epson £2:99 (delivery cost only) + £8 Quidco!
Found 26th Mar 2007Found 26th Mar 2007
OK, thsi one seems good to me, go through quidco to InkClub, select your printer ink, I bought epson, should come up free for first time buyers, pay £2:99 postage and get £8 quidco… Read more

Good Find My Quidco is tracking £9.00 for May :thumbsup:


I have done this offer twice.Once through quidco and once through topcashback. I have been paid for the quidco one and am very close with the topcashback one. Takes approx 2 month to get your cash. Quidco: 25 Nov 2006 (GB) 8.00 paid 30 Jan 2007 Topcashback: 24 Jan 07 /retailerinfoInkClub.htm')"][COLOR=#0000ff]InkClub[/COLOR]1 x £7.00 £7.00 Confirmed 31 Mar 07


I think it was mentioned before that the frame is secure... Try clicking checkout to open in a new tab/window (if you're using Firefox) and you'll see that the page is secure. Btw, how long does it take for Quidco to track? Mine isn't tracked and I think I might not be getting anything from Quidco. :-(


This is putting me of a bit. Order page doesn't start with https://


Voted hot!! Good offer, thanks, ordered mine

Koss Spark Plug earphones £11.44 inc postage
Found 22nd Feb 2007Found 22nd Feb 2007
These are only really a good deal if you are a first time customer and can benefit from the £8 Quidco cashback and free cartridge or paper offer. Do you want to be blown away by t… Read more
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so they may be in your opinion ...but as a NEW CUSTOMER you are effectively getting them for NOWT..taking account of the £8 QUIDCO and free print cartridge or photo paper. You can then sell on ebay...probably get at least a fiver...probably more.


Absolutely garbage headphones.



i cant find the earphones


If you go via Roboform page then you can get Roboform Pro for free as this is one of their supplier deals.:thumbsup: