INNIS & GUNN 750ml bottles oak cask reserve (bourbon casks) £5.00 for 2 @ tesco
INNIS & GUNN 750ml bottles oak cask reserve (bourbon casks) £5.00 for 2 @ tesco

INNIS & GUNN 750ml bottles oak cask reserve (bourbon casks) £5.00 for 2 @ tesco

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(47.9p / 33.3p / 100ml)
Innis & Gunn Original (750ml)

Instore & online deal ...be quick!
otherwise it's the smaller bottles for a while longer.

As someone who prefers to open a big bottle of this stuff chilled over several days to 1 degree c so it can be drunk in a leisurely manner straight from the bottle whilst remaining cold & flavoursome to the last drop.. I was gutted yesterday to see the deal for smaller bottles, but apparantly these are in a deal too!

Using oak to age beer is unheard of. But, the flavours imparted by the oak barrels (previously used to mature bourbon) lend an incredible depth of
taste. Think vanilla, toffee and orange aromas, with a malty,
lightly oaked palate; soothing and warm in the finish.
There is nothing like this among mass produced beers.
Try it and see for yourself...

Innis & Gunn beer was discovered completely by accident...

Back in 2002, leading whisky producer William Grant & Sons decided to make ale-finished whisky. Renowned Brewer, Dougal Sharp, was commissioned to formulate a special beer to impart a smooth, beery character to the bourbon barrels. This would in turn flavour the maturing whisky (port and sherry finished whiskies are made in the same way).

A unique, malty, Scottish Beer was produced. This was placed in the barrels for 30 days, before being discarded to make room for the whisky.

The Ale Cask Whisky was a real success, and it was only many months later, after thousands of gallons of beer had been used, that Dougal received a call that would change everything.

Upon emptying the barrels and carrying out analysis of the beer, the staff at the Distillery had discovered that it had been completely transformed by its time in the oak - a most unexpected but welcome discovery.

The beer was then tasted by industry experts and scored an unheard of 9 out of 9! In August 2003, Innis & Gunn Oak Aged Beer was launched to a thirsty world, and no one has looked back since.


That sounds Yummy!!

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It is, I love me beer, but this is something else, almost whisky in taste & texture & definitely a "SIPPING" beer to max out on the flavours, hit it whilst it's there!

Gonna have a look for some of this tomorrow, thanks op.

This is the MUTTS!! Like a smooth dram, washes down a single malt beautifully. Not too many mind...!

Innis and Gunn is an amazing beer. Seriously strong to!

Am going to have to try this now and just when I was vowing to go on a strict healthy diet. Void of ice cream, pizza and beer. Oh well...

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I'm deadly serious when I say to chill it down to 1 deg c in a fridge for 48 hrs, I couldn't resist tonight & theresalot of difference in flavour, (like I said this is a beer to really sip & savour) ..much more defined for a prolonged cooling, also try & cork (one of those wine corks on a chain that slips over a bottles neck, I use em for IPA outside in the summer too) ..really helps keep the chill within the bottle.
going to sound like an old man now, but a bottle of this takes me around 1.5hrs to drink, ..unheard of!
it's serious beer, i'd prefer a bottle of this to 4 cans of many other beers!

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Went again last night this deal is still on in supermarkets (cannot confirm online, currently)

could a mod please un-expire it rather than have another thread exactly the same!?
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