Innis & Gunns Original 6.6% £1.25 @ Booths

Innis & Gunns Original 6.6% £1.25 @ Booths

Found 31st Oct 2009
Wish it was cheaper, but still 50p below usual price was enough incentive for me to stock up. This is far and away my favourite beer, and I haven't seen it cheaper even by the crate.

They use a unique brewing process, and use bourbon caskets shipped in from abroad which impart a unique flavour. I like the smoky aspect, but you may also taste vanilla and nut. It really is quite different, any beer lover should try it at least once. I can't get enough of the stuff!!

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Wow, what a bizarre coincidence - I went into a Booths store (near Preston hospital) for the first time ever just yesterday. Prior to this, I didn't even know they existed.

I was blown away by their selection of real ales, I'd guess there were more than 100 different ales, 30 foreign imports & 30 ciders/perrys; I ended up walking out with a fairly large basket full =)
Prices were pretty good too (a few were discounted to £1/bottle), though tbh it's the massive selection that's the selling point for me.

This should get heat simply because CAMRA rox!
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