Innocent Smoothies 87p @ Sainsbury

Innocent Smoothies 87p @ Sainsbury

Found 7th Jan 2010Made hot 8th Jan 2010
Innocent Kiwi Apple & Lime Smoothie (250ml) 87p
Innocent Cranberries Blueberries & Cherries Smoothie (250ml) 87p
Innocent Pure Fruit Smoothie Mangoes & Passion Fruit (250ml) 87p
Innocent Pure Fruit Smoothie Strawberries & Bananas (250ml) 87p

Also Innocent Detox Super Smoothie Lemon, Honey & Ginger (250ml) for 92p

Description: An innocent smoothie is a blend of crushed fruit and pure juice.

3 good reasons to drink this smoothie:
1. There are 2 portions of fruit in every bottle
2. It provides you with 15% of your RDA of fibre
3. It gives you the goodness of 5 different types of fruit


These are normally about £1.75 each, so good find!


These are normally about £1.75 each, so good find!

£1.75 for 250ml??? That's nuts. Personally I think 75p is still expensive.

Yeah £1.75 is insane,but this is acceptable(unless they have those wooly hats on!)

This is not a hot deal. Buy one get one free on the full size one is a hot deal

250ml for 87p?

Most places you can get 2 for £4, that's a standard offer. Which means 250ml would cost 50p.

I thought it was for the large bottles, but the tiny ones..... Rubbish.

This aren't very good for you. They had these on that documentary with that blonde bird in Lycra who went protesting about food labelling in supermarkets...

They badge them up displaying fruit this and fruit that, but actually they are crap for your body. yes they are full of vitamins but they are full of sugar too.

They said something like one of these hold's the same amount of sugar that an adult should consume throughout a full day without eating anything else, they even showed it had more or the same amount of sugar as a can of coke..

But I say buy them anyway, they taste niceeeeee....lmao:thumbsup:

Go on fatty you know you want to

There is no added sugar in them. Only the natural sugar from the crushed fruits.

Aren't they owned by Cola-Cola now? Aside from that they are expensive but there is a lot of fruit in them.
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