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Free gift for Christmas from Innocent Drinks
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Posted 15th Nov 2019Posted 15th Nov 2019
Free gift for Christmas from Innocent DrinksFREE£0.01
Just claimed my free stuff As the saying goes, good things come in small packages. Shiny rings. Mini highlighters. And handily, our present to you this year. Just fill out the f… Read more
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One i :/ ;) .


I hope so, have you ever written a comment without;) ?


It may still come ;) .


I still haven't got mine yet


;) .

innocent coconut water 500ml
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Posted 17th Jul 2015Posted 17th Jul 2015
innocent coconut water 500ml
FREE STUFF ALERTAre you reclining on a sandy beach somewhere hot, reading this newsletter as a willing volunteer slathers sun cream on your hard to reach areas? No? Well, we reckon… Read more
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missed it....


missed out


No more left


Aww none left


Ordered Thanks - heat added :D

Innocent Smoothie - Free with printable coupon
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Posted 8th Dec 2014Posted 8th Dec 2014
Innocent Smoothie - Free with printable coupon
free smoothie you have to submit your email and then you print off the coupon Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.
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There is no free lunch mate; one should have basic computer skills and some common sense to avoid getting into trouble. Thanks for the drink OP enjoyed it got two of them thanks!!


This is still available


thank you all for the comments first time I've posted on here and what a good rating this has got thanks again


printed for me too - thanks. Also thanks to the poster who mentioned Sandboxie - this way you can download all the software required to print this voucher and then magically it all vanishes off your computer without leaving any horrible traces. Great! Also, if you use multiple computers you can get a fresh voucher on each computer :) Now off to Tesco to see if I can get some five-a-day goodness :)


printed for me thanks

Innocent drinks - a little something in post ;) free
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Posted 21st Nov 2014Posted 21st Nov 2014
Innocent drinks - a little something in post ;) free
Who wouldn't want an innocent drinks freebie.. First come first served.. Best served chilled but today I'll be happy with Hot hot hot A little something in the post We'd like t… Read more

why thank you very much aint it just lovely... I'm very pleased especially when i missed the hot one by so little... hehehe


Well played! Very well played indeed! And congrats - a very fine new badge you have there.


100!!!! ... now where is that new badge hehehe..... sorry for anyone i disturbed in this innocent post...


hmmm maybe not it now says 98... or was that 99...


1... darn it never worked.. guess it has to be from the community not me :(

Free  Innocent Veg Pots  @  Innocent
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Posted 29th Jul 2014Posted 29th Jul 2014
Free Innocent Veg Pots @ Innocent
Free veg pots available again, although if you printed them out on last weeks offer, it seems like you cant print any more out
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good to know


It may have been an express in that case (to be more specific it was the small tesco next to the gym group in stockwell, London), the pots were half price there.


think Tesco metro don't have them on offer?


I used the voucher at a Tesco metro and had no problems.


Yes, found that today. The voucher is fixed at £3-odd, and Tesco have these on offer at £1.95. The till shows 'over value' and won't accept it. After a bit of to-and-fro ing the assistant put it in as a manual voucher and wrote £1.95 on it. This maybe points to a wider issue where Tesco have got wise to voucher deals and need a manual override if they're on offer to ensure they only take the actual value. May be the last we see of those "Tesco have just paid me to take away x" deals.

FREE - Innocent Veg Pot!!!! at Innocent Drinks
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Posted 15th Jul 2014Posted 15th Jul 2014
FREE - Innocent Veg Pot!!!! at Innocent Drinks
Follow link from a computer. Make sure you have the print software downloaded and print your coupon to claim a FREE veg pot. No printer? have it posted to your address. Enjoy! Sha… Read more
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you're welcome ;)


Just wanted to say thanks again for this. Had a coupon for me. At Tesco it took £3.89 off total bill even thought they are on offer half price at £1.95. Result! As for the veg pot, quite nice, wouldn't pay full price for it.


Thanks mc_stylist :)


That's ridiculous the coupon scans at 3.89 but better of at tesco as the pots has been reduced to 1.95 so great overage towards your other shopping.


:( Sainsburys wouldn't accept it. They said if there's no amount on the coupon they don't take them !!! :( Will try in Tesco next time I go there.

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10p donation to Age UK when you create and share a hat.
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Posted 2nd Oct 2013Posted 2nd Oct 2013
10p donation to Age UK when you create and share a hat.
Bit of fun, create a hat for an innocent smoothie bottle and share on Facebook and a 10p donation will be made to AGE UK.

I call it conning people into thinking they are making a difference.


I believe it's called clever marketing.


Am I missing something? What the heck is the point of that?


They put them on the bottles and then they are sold as normal in the shops.


Done :)

Innocent Drinks Xmas Giveaway : first come first served - Free stuff!
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Posted 4th Dec 2012Posted 4th Dec 2012
Innocent Drinks Xmas Giveaway : first come first served - Free stuff!
We'd like to send you a little something (emphasis on the little) for Christmas. However, there are some things you need to know before you enter your details: 1. We can only send… Read more
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I didn't receive anything either. Shame.


I didn't get anything :/ the cushelle giveaway today reminded me about this one!


Door hanger card here too :( I know the saying's 'don't look a gift horse....' but...... :(


Yep, Christmas card here too.


Same. Christmas card. Yay!

Free Innocent drink / food (if your good at shaking xmas tree's)
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Posted 14th Dec 2011Posted 14th Dec 2011
Free Innocent drink / food (if your good at shaking xmas tree's)
Click on the link and it will ask you to 'like' innocent on facebook, then you have to shake the christmas tree which will give you a present which can be free food or drink from t… Read more

Sainsbury's are selling the orange/apple juice for £1.99, so if you get a £1 off voucher then 99p for the 900ml juice is excellent.


I think most of us were only able to shake it ONCE (_;)


HOw do you shake more than once ? IE wouldn't load the coupon so tried on mozilla and says ive already had :(


Just click on the tree and it shakes for you and the presents drop, then you choose one.


If you managed to print 2 ( I printed 1 ) you can get 2 for 50p each @ Tesco's as they are on at 2 for £3 The rest of us have to pay a quid for the carafe with coupon! lol

Free little thing from Innocent Drinks
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Posted 28th Nov 2011Posted 28th Nov 2011
Free little thing from Innocent Drinks
We'd like to send you a little something for Christmas (emphasis on the little). It's a case of first come, first served THIS NOW WORKS!! I MESSED IT UP AT START SORRY :) TFXT: Y… Read more
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Got mine today, some free bright orange innocent socks and a £1.99 off voucher, not bad for free ! And only 5 heat madness!


Just used supplied near the beginning, and it seemed to work still. All the other links here do not. Remains to be seen if I get anything, but worth a punt. Thanks for the chance.

deleted467712 go to this page , its an article near the bottom of the page, called christmas is coming, click on highlighted text "let us know here" simple form comes up (name + address)


Hot, thanks,


You can un-expire this. You linked to your own session ID. Innocent have recently posted this on FB too so here is the link everyone can use: Click me.

Innocent Smoothies for as little as 12p @ Tesco using vouchers
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Posted 3rd Nov 2011Posted 3rd Nov 2011
Innocent Smoothies for as little as 12p @ Tesco using vouchers£0.12
UPDATE - You can also get a £1 off voucher and a 'free smoothie' voucher. Also, saver123 has figured out a clever way of making sure you get the best vouchers! Go to the Innocent … Read more
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Free one would be nice


I keep looking too and all I see is a blank blackboard ;(


Oh yeh you can Very true! I wonder if changing the ending code changes the voucher value? This is what I got at the end of mine: o=5783&c=IN&p=c81953d040c521045c7db845&cpt=UI3E52n8KPGEp4JqRdIoUsSm&ct=my+name&tqnm=ylclewv721414 I've just realised that it's the o= bit at the beginning that changes the value of the coupon you receive. So if anyone that got a voucher for a free one wants to share what the offer ID is, that would be amazing :D


Will take a look, thank you.


They accepted mine at Tesco earlier today at self checkout. The first time I scanned it there was an error but the second time it was fine. Was originally £1.39 at half price (750ml), so it cost just 39p with my £1 voucher :-D :{

Get Paid to take home free Veg Pots!! @ sainsburys & tesco
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Posted 19th Oct 2011Posted 19th Oct 2011
Get Paid to take home free Veg Pots!! @ sainsburys & tesco
print a voucher off for £2.79 only pay £1 for the veg pot. however you can print of 2 vouchers per computer and they are bogof at sainsburys and 2 for £5 at tesco!! if my maths i… Read more
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I tried the Mexican and the Indian - both were crap. I wouldn't eat these for lunch and expect to be gastronomically content!


Worked in Sainsbury and got 2 for free. Apparently the self service machines have trouble recognising the voucher due to BOGOF. On the other hand, the pots were not particularly tasty... or is it just the lack of meat?


OH loves these! Thanks!


I didn't. And that's the Case with all vouchers


Thank OP got 2 free :)

Free Stuff From innocent – New Offer
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Posted 18th Oct 2011Posted 18th Oct 2011
Free Stuff From innocent – New Offer
innocent Juicy Drinks presents the Peel of Fortune where everyone’s a winner. Go to the Peel of Fortune tab on their Facebook page and enter a couple of details for a money off vou… Read more

Facebook is a stupid idea, because a lot of us browse deals at work and facebook is blocked in most places.


It finally work, managed to print out 2 £3 coupons to get the kids juicy drinks my youngest loves them so very happy


Nothing stopping you from creating a 'fake' Facebook account under different name, attach it to a new Hotmail account or something and use it for the freebies and offers. That way you get the offers, you're not really 'on' Facebook either and your main e-mail address is kept junk free.


why are all freebies facebook ones now, what if u dont use facebnook ??


Signed up ages ago with innocent never received anything free apart from their emails and even they seem to have stopped now.

Innocent Juice 900ml @ Sainsburys  50p each with Coupons
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Posted 10th Oct 2011Posted 10th Oct 2011
Innocent Juice 900ml @ Sainsburys 50p each with Coupons£0.50
These are normally £1.99 each. Register on website in the link, click on link in confirmation email, click "shake the tree", click once on the tree to get £1 OFF coupon. Do the abo… Read more

Sorry, you're too late - the season is over.


thanks for the post - same price in tesco now too - £1.99 or 2 for £3


Not able to shake the tree any more. When I log into the Innocent website I get the message: "Sorry, you're too late - the season is over." Expired!


i cant get on the site?


"Sorry, we're out of prizes. Come back tomorrow - we will have more."

FREE Innocent Veg Pots @ Tesco with Coupon (normally £3.79 each)
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Posted 5th Oct 2011Posted 5th Oct 2011
FREE Innocent Veg Pots @ Tesco with Coupon (normally £3.79 each)
Voucher says 50% OFF, but these are already half-price in Tesco until 11th October- so they are FREE! Voucher takes £1.89 off the product. You can print 2 coupons (sometimes more)… Read more

Currently at Free status again.


Tweet tweet


They will stop offering coupons after 14th October, but they will be offering them again on the website from 7th November for another 5 weeks. (t&cs) These pots will probably be half-price again somewhere during the next coupon offer.


Now down to just a £1 coupon, its still good to get money off


Lol, yup! Salt happens to be an ingredient most people have readily available, if they have access to a microwave.

Innocent Veg Pots 380g @ Tesco  ONLY 39p with coupon (normally £3.79)
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Posted 3rd Oct 2011Posted 3rd Oct 2011
Innocent Veg Pots 380g @ Tesco ONLY 39p with coupon (normally £3.79)£0.39
Tesco are selling these Half-Price at £1.89 until 11th October. So only 39p with £1.50 OFF coupon. You can print 2 coupons from each network, although I managed to print 4 somehow.… Read more
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I used two of the pot for a quid ones, means I got two pots and 4 packs of dairylee dunkers for about 40p :D


Got a couple for 39p. The self scanner wasn't having the vouchers, originals, so had to get the assistant to put them through. Just had the Piri Piri one, s'ok but not really worth more than a £1.50.


Half price voucher now on


There were still some left in Tesco @ Seacroft, Leeds.


I have tried three different Tesco stores and cannot find the Innocent Veg Pots anywhere

Free bottle of "This Water" at Tesco
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Posted 18th Jul 2011Posted 18th Jul 2011
Free bottle of "This Water" at Tesco
Go to to print a voucher for free bottle of "This Water" You will need a code which you can get by texting 'SUMMER 404064' to 80878 I… Read more
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Do you have a contract/bundle with prepaid texts or is this your normal cost?


my text cost me 10p on o2.


maybe op should revise post, as iit is not a given that you will win a bottle of water, and also you will have to pay for text as previously mentioned, so probably better off in vouchers, as some poor soul will text away not realising that it will not be part of their inclusive text bundle


For the avoidance of doubt, here is the bit of the FAQ that will explain some of the above posts. There are 2,000 secondary prizes to be won: Havaianas flip flops x 2,000 pairs Gifts Everyone that enters and doesn’t win a main or secondary prize will receive a coupon for a free 420ml bottle of This Water or a coupon for 30p off their next purchase of a 420ml bottle of This Water. It always pays to read the Terms and FAQ. The terms imply you WILL be charged a standard text message even if you think it is part of your inclusive text package. It maybe only the Prize entry once you have the bottle to enter with, apparently there is a code on the neck. If you see what I mean. Anyone confirm that?


Free bottle for me Heat

Free Orange Juice @ Innocent Drinks
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Posted 11th Feb 2011Posted 11th Feb 2011
Free Orange Juice @ Innocent Drinks
Free orange juice carafe sent out to you, just fill in your details
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Just back from Tesco. £1.99 there.


So unless I am mistaken it's not actually a freebie as they cost more than the voucher is worth? (£1.99?).


Got similar e-mail and printed 2 vouchers off :D


Yep, had an email from Innocent with my voucher attached to the value of £1.99. Thanks OP!


Just got an email from innocent, saying I need to sign up to get my coupon. "sent out to you", you'd assume postal, seems not. Also you need ot install the "Coupon Printer" tat to get the coupon.

Try Me Free-Innocent Smoothie (no special bottle needed-just a reciept)
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Posted 26th Jan 2011Posted 26th Jan 2011
Try Me Free-Innocent Smoothie (no special bottle needed-just a reciept)
Try Me Free-Innocent Smoothie (no special bottle needed-just a reciept) In deals as you need to buy it to get the refund!/try-me-free … Read more
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No, that would be a cheque for a few pence sent by your bank when you close your account and there's a little bit of interest accrued that you didn't know about (I'm just grateful my bank has automated machines for the £0.03 cheque!!) :)


That would be the most depressing cheque ever seen...


I spotted this at Euston station last week, £2.29 each, glad i'll get a refund tbh.


Already posted last week, sorry lm. Norman Wisdom's ripe for reporting though. ;-)

johnnyboyuk you have to cash a cheque for £1??

Free innocent smoothie! 250ml Bottle.
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Posted 16th Jan 2011Posted 16th Jan 2011
Free innocent smoothie! 250ml Bottle.
All you have to do is pick up your favourite 250ml bottle of innocent smoothie. Pay for it at the till and then send away your reciept to the FREEPOST address. They will then send … Read more

payed 2.09 in sainsburys today, cant wait to get that bad boy in the post. thanks


....this is what I couldn't be bothered writing!


I do love Innocent smoothies but this is hardcore extremes. . Buy a smoothie and drink it. . Think to yourself "Hmmm that was nice" and forget drinking it. . Write a 15 word poetic masterpiece of what you think of the product. . Send it away with your receipt, details and all. . Wait for a cheque. . Go to the post office and get embarrassed to cash your cheque. . Reassess your life as you recieve endless junk mail.


I love this drink. i get the 1L carton,.... but would anyone send off for £1.50 .. and than deposit a cheque for £1.50 in the bank


The Innocent Newsletter was, yes. But now I seem to get all sorts of promotional (advertising) spam from Coke.