Inov-8 Parkclaw 275 Trail Running Shoe Men - Green / Black , - £64.54 @ Athlete Shop

Inov-8 Parkclaw 275 Trail Running Shoe Men - Green / Black , - £64.54 @ Athlete Shop

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Good price. Been looking for a pair on Inov-8’s for my fell running and actually like the colourful designs they come in. Need to do some more research to find the right pair though
Good price, I wish inov-8 would bring back the zero drop trailroc 150's!
How wide fitting are Inov-8 ?
simonvf4001 h, 21 m ago

How wide fitting are Inov-8 ?

Not massively, but try some standard (rather than precision) fit models in a shop. I've got very wide feet, but the old roclite boots felt great on me. Best brand I've tried after years of others - no more pain and blisters. Expensive and not the most durable, but the comfort, lightweight, flexibility & grip makes them worth it for me. They just feel natural

I made the mistake of using this company last year. They are in Holland not the UK and only try and get the stuff after you placed your order. I had to get my money back through cc company as they kept making excuses for not refunding me
Ordered something - three emails saying delivery delayed a number of weeks - I cancelled the order - they noted order cancelled but did not refund. Now website not accessible and no phone calls answered. Persuing refund through Credit Card company. Avoid.
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