Insect lore butterfly garden £4.99 delivered at Argos

Insect lore butterfly garden £4.99 delivered at Argos

Found 6th Dec 2015
Missed the recent offer from Amazon, now available through argos for same price.

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Working Link -…htm
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Thanks so much I also missed the Amazon offer Great little stocking filler Heat added
Where to u get the cocoon from?
Ordered, thanks for posting.

Where to u get the cocoon from?

I read up on these a while back. There's a voucher in the box that you send off (I think you have to pay delivery of a few £) and they then send you the eggs (again, I think I remember that you get send Caterpillar eggs) at the appropriate time of year for you to hatch and grow them.
A friend had this for her kids a couple of years back and something like 3 of 4 that turned into butterflies survived and they then released in the right weather conditions.

Some reviews and info from Amazon buyers:…SC5
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Where to u get the cocoon from?

As Haylhoo says, you get a voucher in the box to send off for your baby caterpillars. Think it's £2-£3 postage to pay, but caterpillars come in a little jar ready to watch grow. When they have turned into their cocoons, you put it in the pop up garden and wait for them to hatch out. I think you get 6 caterpillars. We were lucky, all of ours transformed and my daughter loved releasing them!
Ahh thank you for the response. It's a lovely idea, but my two kids are enough of a responsibility as it is, without adding 6 butterflies to the mix

great deal, but link needs … great deal, but link needs fixing

cant get this link to work


cant get this link to work

I've just added one to the main info
out of stock for home delivery which is only option
link not working!
nooooo paid through Paypal, recieved an email to say 'not purchased', out of stock! How annoying
hi I did contacted argos few weeks ago and they said it has been discontinued. so we did purchase from amazon I think but the only missing part was that you have to wait untill march to have cocoon. my son was so disappointed.
sorry not cocoon but eggs. you cannonly read about it in the instruction attached. in the end we did purchased twig and had eggs delivered. should be out in a week time.
shows as 19.99 for me.
ignore me....didnt realise link in first post wasnt just broken but was to completely diffrent product.
I'm getting OOS.
We had this ! It was awesome we sent of for our eggs,then you get to see they whole process from the egg to a beautiful butterfly then you release them
Out of stock. What a shame, as it sounds an excellent gift.
Please be aware you can only purchase the baby caterpillars from March-September. Postage is about £5 for them.
We've got the net and just buy the baby caterpillars each year and re use it. My boys love it
Great idea, but a shame for a Christmas Present, as can only order the caterpillars between March to September
I was going to post this a while back but was oos so didn't see the point and still oos now so don't see why it's getting heat, my kids have done this a few times however and it is lovely!!
OOS for delivery.
Seven out of the 23 posts state it is out of stock as of two hours after this deal was posted and over the last couple of days, The OP is online now but still it is here please expire.
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