Insight Family World Atlas - RRP £25.00 - Now £3.99 @ WH Smith - Free delivery.

Insight Family World Atlas - RRP £25.00 - Now £3.99 @ WH Smith - Free delivery.

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This seems to be an excellent price for this particular World Atlas. Ignoring ebay, Google shopping has the next best price as £16.13.

The Insight Family World Atlas offers a comprehensive introduction to the diversity of the planet with 200 pages of clear, up-to-date, detailed, digital mapping with vibrant use of colour to aid orientation. Specially developed pictorial system identifies over 17,000 sights and attractions. A 60-page country encyclopedia provides key information and statistics and is lavishly illustrated with more than 200 colour photographs. There are 80,000 index entries accompanied by pictorial symbols show at a glance, whether the entry is a place, a monument, a river, a mountain, etc. It is ideal for home study and general reference.


got it last week...sitting proudly on my bookshelf...excellent quality...cracking good buy imo.

Thanks for this - heat added - just ordered as a Chrimbo present for my daughter.

Great christmas pressies - max of 3 can be ordered.

got one last week along with the encyclopedia ..very detailed ...more for older children and adult use

cracking deal - ordered one for a Christmas pressie - probs for my nephew whos 13 - get them into books - you can't go far wrong

Cheers OP - just ordered - heat and rep left :thumbsup:

Another great book deal!

You guys who've already got it: is this an atlas that's full of loads of maps, or is the majority of it text and photos? I'd love a world atlas that gave really detailled maps, but the big ones always seem to go into far too much info. I suppose I really just want a road atlas that covers the whole world!

Also - don't forget Quidco!

While you're ordering, check out this, which I've just posted seperately:…tml

Perhaps the most random book title I've ever come across. Ordered!

Just ordered one for myself.

They often have this in store for £5 - good value at a fiver, excellent at £4 delivered. It's a pretty good atlas - more for 12+ I would say, than younger children, but good for homework or as a family atlas. WHS have been doing a lot of reference/encylopedias over the last couple of years, all around £5. We have been impressed with all the ones we have bought and they do make nice gifts.


I got this instore last week for £5. It was the special edition one. Excellent buy.

Thnx - ordered :thumbsup:

Bagged one ! Cheers OP ! :thumbsup:

Cheers, I completely forgot to get them when first posted 1 or 2 weeks ago, so here's my chance.

It would go very well with that other one on the shelf (also posted before):
]World Encyclopedia

Voted hot!

Fab find - thanks very much. Unfortunately Encyclopedia isout of stock but I've put it in my wish list in case it comes back.
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Ordered two.
Lots of other clearance bargains at WH Smith - have a look, OK for Crimbo!
Many thanks to OP. :thumbsup:

ordered the atlas & encyclopedia last week when I was ordering the xmas sticker set I found on here - which is out of stock.
looking forward to them coming - I'll probably look at them more than the kids though!

All gone! :cry:

The reason it's so cheap is that it's two years out-of-date, and therefore has completely inaccurate maps for SE Europe, among other places.

The ones which you've seen on Google for more money are presumably the more up-to-date edition, which is why they are more expensive.

Mine has just arrived - fantastic looking book, loads of maps in plenty of detail and lots of info on each country. In fact, exactly what I'd wanted. If it becomes available again, it's well worth the money.
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