Inspector Gadget - Vol. 1 (DVD) £2.96 delivered @ Uwish

Inspector Gadget - Vol. 1 (DVD) £2.96 delivered @ Uwish

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Found 7th Nov 2008
On this exciting adventure through Madrid, Spain, the Inspector tours the regal Palacio Real De Madrid, marvels at statues of former queens and kings at the Plaza de Oriente, and admires the works of famous Spanish artists at the Prado Museum. He tries on traditional Spanish hats at Casa Yustas, takes a stroll through the royal Parque De Retiro, then steps out onto the dance floor to twirl to the Sardana and Flamenco.

Gadget saddles up with some of the most legendary cowboys in US history on this amazing field trip through the American Southwest. He brushes paths with the famous Buffalo Bill and the amazing sharpshootress Annie Oakley, and checks out some of the most renowned cowboy stars of the silver screen at the Gene Autry Museum. Then he's off to a dude ranch in New Mexico to catch a glimpse of modern cowboy life.

The Inspector takes a trip to the beautiful Greek Islands to explore celebrated ancient monuments such as the Parthenon, the Temple of Athena Nike, and the Erechtheum. He ventures through dark stalactite caves on the island of Andiparos, investigates the secrets of olive oil-making on the island of Lespos, and travels to Olympia to explore the site of the first Olympic Games.


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I bought this for my boy a couple of years ago and he was totally bored with it after 5 minutes. It appears to be a couple of episodes of animation but it is, in actual fact, a poor animation and narrative over the top of a couple of poorly made and mind numbingly boring documentaries that no child would ever want to sit down and watch.
£2.96 may seem a good price but it's at least £2.50 more than it's worth - AVOID...!!!

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ill get you next time gadget NEXT TIME


so not the best purchase you've ever made then? lol

It was so bad, I think I would have rather watched a DVD cleaning disc.......:p
When I took it out the player, it was brown and steaming, it was that much a pile of sh!te......;-)
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