inspire ready to roast carrots/wedges @ asda

inspire ready to roast carrots/wedges @ asda

Found 7th Mar 2009
ready to roast carrots with honey and parsley dressing 400g
ready to roast wedges with olive oil and parsley dressing 600g
both on roll back to 50p
inspire by Gregg Wallace range
i bought theese instore not sure if on-line


i bought the wedges last week for 50p and i would deffinately recommend them.

yes these have been this price for a while in my store, they are really nice... hot

buy these most weeks and they are really nice, however cook them for longer that the packet says as they take ages.

The 10% off you have is for the pharmacy

I thought this was an Asda-specific range, but I found exactly the same potato wedges on sale in Morrisons today.

They were also 50p.


Are these fresh or frozen.

Fresh. The wedges take about three quarter of an hour to cook. They're yummy though.

Also available in Aldi, Be aware that the company that makes them use NUMEROUS varities of Potatoes and there will be certain times of the season that the pototes will burn before they cook inside :whistling:

As they are washed potatoes put through a wedging machine they are so easy to make from scratch rather than buy and you then have the chance to pre boil them before hand and then coat them in oil to get the perfect postaot wedge :roll:
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