Found 22nd Apr 2010
Buy a few in before the high streets start charging more for a tinfoil slice of afternoon delight.

Found a whole stack of them in the Sheffield store.

- With charcoal & starter sheet
- Ready to cook in 20 minutes
- Cooks for up to 1 1/2 hours.
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Can i have the one in the picture instead?
That one is £2.99 in Poundstretcher I am afraid ;-)
hot picture!
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I like to imagine that if you bought enough of these from PoundLand, then they'll combine like a Transformer and make the big mutha in the picture

Probably need at least 7 or 8 though. :thinking:

That one is £2.99 in Poundstretcher I am afraid ;-)


(but only if it comes with the chef)
I Love You Pound Land!
Bought a few today oddly enough. Cooked the burgers and sausages fine and then ran out before we could finish the chicken. Oh well, it's Poundland.
Good find, will stock up on some of these bad boys
top picture!
Could just buy like 20, put them all together and have a giant BBQ!
Check out This Bad Boy!!!!!
I bought a couple last year and they wouldn't stay lit
Got one the other day, looks exact same as the ones in Tesco for £3.99 or whatever.
"Instant, disposable barbecue."

What's that, like a can of petrol and a lighter?
Use once then throw away, not my bag, sorry.
Brought some last Saturday. Hardly had any charcoal in!!! :x
People that buy these, please take them home with you after you've used them on the beach or in the country side. I'm sure 99% of people do but you still see them left behind.

Good deal, will do a fair job for a quid.

Brought some last Saturday. Hardly had any charcoal in!!! :x

Yes we bought some last time, we had to open it up and use the charcoal from a 2nd one into the 1st one as there wasn't enough to keep it going for that long and at a good heat. Better to buy the £1.50 ones from Instore, Netto, Aldi etc when they becom available.
my aldi had a pile for £1.29 today
loads of charcoal in them
Good deal, However people are dead on about the lack of charcoal.

Still what you expect for a quid

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