Instant home cinema separates system - Boston acoustics and Sony bundle £599 @ RicherSounds

Instant home cinema separates system - Boston acoustics and Sony bundle £599 @ RicherSounds

Found 28th Dec 2010
Richersounds' sale has some great deals but this "Home cinema system 4" bundle is the pick of the bunch.

Blu-ray Player - Sony BDPS570
Receiver - Sony STRDH810
Speaker Package - Boston Soundware XS

Each of these products have won the best of class for the What Hi-Fi awards 2010, with the BDP-S570 claiming a product of the year.

The fact this £180 (£230 rrp) BD player is effectively free at this price is the icing on the cake.

Add 5 yr no quibble Supercare warranty for 10% of purchase price.

PS - Speakers available in white or black!


I like it!

Seperate prices... Amp £250 , Speakers £300, Blu ray £170 Total £670

Useful £70 saving if that's the package your looking for.

Richer sounds often quote a different higher TSP in the deals than the actual shop cost

ive got this lot

sony 810 amp & speakers cost me £600 a while back

they are amazing

pain in the butt trying to get used to it and even now i cant figure 1 thing out on the amp but it sounds amazing and the sub is superb

I can highly recommend the Boston Accoustics speakers. The sattelites are tiny and the sound is very good.

they look odd but also cool and come with brackets which most would charge for

must say my sub died after 5 weeks of very low usage (too scared to pump it up) and richer sounds gave me a brand new one

also the difference in the bass from the sub compared to my DAV260 is immense, rather than a loud boom its a loud, strong boom that builds up n down rather than just loud

i love them

Original Poster

DECTO - maths evidently not your strong subject...£250+£300+£170 = £670???

So I can forgive you - it's £720, and I know they are quoting a £300 saving on TSP on the website, but the point is you really cannot get this kit for any less than circa £700 and that's if you use multiple retailers who won't offer the supercare warranty option.

As a budget separates system you really can't get better, and the fact you could take advantage of the 7.1 processing capability of the amp by buying another pair of the discrete XS speakers for £89 it is a really economic and tasteful way to some top notch home cinema experiences.

nice. but i like big speakers
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