Instant Lighting Firelog - £1.49 @ Aldi - Perfect for Centre Parcs! - From Thursday 21st October

Instant Lighting Firelog - £1.49 @ Aldi - Perfect for Centre Parcs! - From Thursday 21st October

Found 19th Oct 2010
Instant Lighting Firelog only £1.49. These are £9.99 for 3 at centre parcs, so if you are going these work out to less than half the price!

Burns for up to 1.5 hours.
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Absolutely daylight robbery,would need a shed full for my multi fuel stove.Very cold.
just hope they have some left.
Definitely HOT! FWIW, these logs come in various sizes, and the Center Parcs ones are the largest. I have no idea what size the Aldi ones are, but even if they are the smaller ones this is still a great price. These are typically available from garden centers and DIY stores, but rarely much under £3.

If folks don't know about these then they burn for AGES - i.e. 3 hours+ for the biggies. Sure not as cheap as a bulk delivery of logs, but EXCELLENT value for the convenience - say in chinineas or at CP. Haven't seen them as cheap since Home Bargains had them 3 years ago.

Defo HOT - and even hotter when you light them!
Jeez, all that wood in a centre parcs location, surrounded by tree's
would've thought some twigs & a few logs would be easy to locate, or even for Centreparcs to sell logs by the bag?

"can't see the logs for the tree's" oO
I was under the impression that everything at centerparcs is about 3-4 times the price it should be. Is this not the case?
£1 in home bargains and great if you are not used to lighting fires from scratch. I cut them into 4 pieces and use them along with wood. Easily light a fire for 25p.
This morning I loaded up my car with free firewood from the beach. It should last me for a week or so. I hate to think how much it would cost me to buy a week's worth of Instant Lighting Firelogs. Cold I am afraid.

P.S. Their firelighters look a good deal though.
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