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Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 Smart Cooker 5.7L - Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker £54.99 @ Amazon

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Really got price for this Instant Pot Smart Cooker.

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About this item
  • HEALTHY COOKING WITH CONSISTENT RESULTS: The classic Instant Pot Duo adjusts pressure, temperature, time, and heat to cook food up to 70% faster than other methods and deliver consistent, delicious results every time
  • CONVENIENT AND CUSTOMISABLE: The Instant Pot Duo can remember the way you like to cook, and which smart programs you use most often. ‘Set it and forget it’ freeing you to do other things while your dinner cooks safely and quickly
  • 13 ONE-TOUCH SMART PROGRAMS: Revolutionize the way you cook with one touch programs: Soup/Broth, Meat/Stew, Bean/Chili, Slow Cook, Sauté, Rice, Porridge, Steam, Yogurt, Multigrain and Poultry. Keep Warm, and Pressure Cook
  • SPACIOUS 5.7L CAPACITY: Perfect for cooking up to 5 dishes, replacing multiple kitchen appliances
  • EVEN EASIER TO USE: Release steam with a simple, safe push of the quick release button, with minimal mess and easy clean up
  • PLENTY OF ELECTRIC PRESSURE COOKER RECIPES: Join thousands of Instant Pot users who share tips, support, recipes and the joy of cooking in the Instant Pot UK Facebook community
  • Product Dimensions - ‎33 x 32 x 31 cm; 5 Kilograms

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  1. Avatar
    Any idea how does this compare to a manual pressure cooker? Does it offer the same performance as say something like this? argos.co.uk/pro…736 Pressure cooker function is something we will be using the most for curries and if offers the same performance and doesn’t take extra electricity to cook than the manual one on electric hob, this seems like a really good option considering all the extra features.
    I dont know about extra electricity but i use it a lot to make curries/bryani and never had an issue, its easier as you can combine the saute' and pressure cooker function.
  2. Avatar
    Does the use of the slow cooker function necessitate an additional purchase of a special lid?? (edited)
    Not required. Glass lid is a nice accessory though.
  3. Avatar
    I bought one of these before Christmas, price was a little more than this although I had a
    £7 discount to have it delivered to a locker. It is so much less drama than my old pressure cooker which hissed and foamed thru the vent. With the Instant Pot it's silent cooking, the only steam is when it's released at the end. Great for dried beans and pulses (no more tins needed) perfect for gammon joints, whole Chicken etc, loads of recipes on youtube. 
  4. Avatar
    Bought one a few months ago, only disappointment was the lack of info in the box on how it all works, very minimal, and no basic recipes to get you going, only way i found out was YouTube, apart from that its ok.
    Join the official Instant Pot UK Facebook group. Absolutely loads of recipes there.
  5. Avatar
    Great for making stock from a mostly eaten roast chicken. Throw in the carcase with an large onion and a couple of carrots (celery too if you have it), cover with water and pressure cook for 45 mins on high.

    Easiest stock ever.
  6. Avatar
    No starwars characters but worth punt at this price, any tips on what to do with it excepts stews?
    Whole frozen chicken, season, bang it in for an hour. Skin isnt nice but chicken comes out well and is the fastest way you can cook a chicken from frozen.
  7. Avatar
    Why pay Ninja for over 200£ if this offers basically same function. Using this now for pressure cooking. Works like a treat. Not a chef myself but want to know why much more expensive Ninja pots are famous?
    I prefer the instant pots as well as the bowl is stainless steel and easier to clean than the ninja non stick one.
  8. Avatar
    Any tips on how to make yoghurt or any recommended books out there on how to use the instant pot?
    There’s a nice blog I use with healthy recipes eatinginstantly.com/
  9. Avatar
    Bought this on BF £59.99 still in box. Trying to find good UK recipes particularly for Beef Bourguignon or Stroganoff. What accessories are any good e.g silicone cover ?
    Ah good stainless steel pot for Pot-in-Pot. Then you can cook the meal in the Instant pot and the rice etc. in the PIP.

    They have perfect ones in LIDL from time to time.
  10. Avatar
    what's the cleanup on these things like? I have a back injury which makes standing up at a sink intensely painful for more than a couple of minutes. I'm looking for solutions that let me cook with minimal standing and prep work for this reason....
    Just considering joining the instantpot cult and saw this, looks promising:
  11. Avatar
    can this boil dried chick peace or similar. please advice
    Yes can cook chickpeas, 1 part dried chick to six part water. Cook on high for 1 hour.
  12. Avatar
    Super useful. Size is perfect for couples. Families might need to get bigger size.
    Easily cook food for 4-5 people in this.
    Similar size to my Bertelin digi cooker and the 3 of us get at least 2 days worth of good size dinners out of it. (edited)
  13. Avatar
    These are fantastic and practically hands off once you set them going.

    The feature I love the most (that doesn't seem to get mentioned) is the way it switches automatically to a "keep warm" setting once it's finished cooking. So you can stick something on before work, or before bed, etc and know that once it's finished cooking it will be kept at a safe holding temperature until you need it! It really removes the stress of needing to remember to get something into the fridge within a safe timeframe and then reheat something for serving. Ready handy. (edited)
  14. Avatar
    I believe you need the glass lid to use as a slow cooker, you buy it as an extra..
    It'll still work as a slow cooker with the supplied lid but I did buy the optional glass lid after a few months for mine simply because it was easier to clean and less bulky.
  15. Avatar
    Many thanks! Wanted 1 for Christmas but amazon had the price at £83. Cheapest price I’ve seen for it
  16. Avatar
    I got the Star Wars one from my mother in law for Christmas.really useful and the delay start is really handy.
  17. Avatar
    Just get one. Fantastic for curries, stews and risottos to die for. I've got a Vortex air fryer too
    Risottos are my favourite thing to cook in this
  18. Avatar
    I don’t rate these at all I’m afraid. Simple slow cooker is better.
    Agreed. Traditional cooking methods win every time over this for me, I just can't be bothered with it. The Mrs persisted with it for a couple of years but she has given up now.
  19. Avatar
    Instant Pots may not be as sexy as other brands, but has become our 'go to'.

    Have pressure cooked a whole chicken, quick grill or air fry, to get the lovely crispy skin, then finish off the roasties, while the bird was resting. All in one pot!

    Has become more of a reliable kitchen tool, than something you use a few times and relegate to the back of the cupboard; beside the soda stream (edited)
  20. Avatar
    Thanks OP - thanks to you I have no joined the InstantPot Cult (hallowed by thy pressurecooking). Do I get robes and and the sacrificial dagger that goes with this? I googled "instantpot" and my interwebz basically exploded so that means it has a **little** bit of a following.
    Now to see if I can set it on fire like I do everything else in the kitchen (the Russians think I'm testing bio-weapons in there or something).

    General question to everyone - how do you get the pot out of it when it's finished cooking? The stainless steel pot? I mean... wouldn't it be like... hot and all? Does it come with asbestos fingers to lift that out? Sorry total n00b to this.
    Ordinary oven gloves will suffice.
    The rather more expensive Evo versions manage to add handles to the pressure pot.

    From what you say, I would strongly recommend reading the manual. Carefully. Very carefully. And initially stick to “Slow Release”…
  21. Avatar
    I have duo Evo Plus which I bought from costco for £130 I think but I never ever bought yougurt from the market after I started making in it .its perfect.
    What recipe do you use for the yoghurt, never been able to find a good one?
  22. Avatar
    Good price l bought it for around this a couple of years ago.Found it such a useful item , easy to use and clean.Upgraded end of last year to the one with the air fryer and stil sold this one on eBay for £40.
    What was the model you upgraded to, if you don't mind me asking...
  23. Avatar
    This next to an air fryer, basically covers most cooking needs in the kitchen. Who needs an oven and hob???
    That's exactly our set up, got Instant Vortex air fryer. Can even do a descent Sunday lunch using just the two and perhaps a little help from the Microwave.
  24. Avatar
    Anonymous User
    Can't live without this, great price.
  25. Avatar
    Does anyone know how many cups of uncooked rice this can handle?
    About 4-5 cups.
  26. Avatar
    Ideal timing. My current multi cooker broke yesterday. Thanks OP
  27. Avatar
    Cracking price
  28. Avatar
    Great price. Had mine a while used all the time. I paid a lot more!

    PS I got the glass lid late and use that a lot too. You can also put the pot on the hot plates with the glass lid on top (edited)
    The ordinary Instant Pot’s pot isn’t ideal/intended for stovetop use. One of the features of the Evo models’ pot (apart from the handles) is it’s flat base designed for stovetop use, even on induction.
  29. Avatar
    I brought this model 18 months ago for £45 in warehouse deal, very happy with it, this is a cracking deal
  30. Avatar
    Aldi’s own brand is £49.99 (cheap and cheerful) so this is a really good deal! Are they energy efficient?
    compared to a stovetop/oven yes - its on par with a slow cooker.
  31. Avatar
    Got the multi lid one myself.. Had to get this for Mum
    Very good price and these are awesome. They really cut down cooking times down massively
  32. Avatar
    Ordered, heat added, thank you.
  33. Avatar
    So cheap, got mine off amazon last year for £100!
  34. Avatar
    Superb piece of kit, I got the Duo Crisp from a pre-Xmas post. And we're using it LOADS, as an air-fryer but more as a pressure cooker & slow cooker!
    This price is excellent, great find!
  35. Avatar
    Can this so sous vide or is that another model?
    Another version
  36. Avatar
    Had mine 18 months and used it once to cook pulled pork. Really need to dig It out again.
  37. Avatar
    A must have kitchen appliance
  38. Avatar
    Unbelievable price!
  39. Avatar
    To anyone on the fence, go for it you won't regret it. Makes cooking things as simple as rice so effortless and quick.
    Good find op!
    How quick is rice?
  40. Avatar
    Not sure whether I need this but have joined the hype train and ordered!
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