INSTORE ONLY Outwell (Vacanza) Single Sleeping Bag bargain at Halfords

INSTORE ONLY Outwell (Vacanza) Single Sleeping Bag bargain at Halfords

Found 19th Dec 2014
Was looking for something else and spotted this bargain - an Outwell single sleeping bag for only £2 from Halfords! Stock is limited (not available for delivery), but it is there to collect if you look, I live in Lincoln and my nearest stores with stock are Loughborough and Kings Lynn - too far for me to travel to, but If I lived a bit nearer I'd be all over this!

When you pick up your reservation, get them to check the instore price before you pay - mine was £1
- Jupiter Obscure
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gd find
Some in leeds.
got two from leeds woo hop thank you x
bargain will check my local tomorrow x
Original Poster

bargain will check my local tomorrow x

Check it online now and reserve it!
sweet got
have some heat ,nice find
Great price
Great find. I've got one reserved
good find but out of stock
In stock at a store only 110 miles away, shame.
OOS within 150 miles of me but amazing value if you live close to a store with stock!
Better than sleeping on the ex girlfriends lawn this Christmas.
managed to get one cheers

Managed to pick up what was left for one of our StreetGB charity giveaway groups, seriously just something like a blooming sleeping bag is going to make their day.. and night!

Could do with one of these when waiting for an assistant in Halfords.!!!
The deal actually gets better!

I've just been to pick mine up (the girl couldn't believe it was only £2). When I asked if there were any more in stock, she checked the computer and found that the instore price is now £1.
closest to me is Kent and im in the Midlands!
Great for that unwelcome guest at xmas to stick in shed.
Just went to my local to make sure they didn't have any. They didn't but they did have some junior pink mummies for £3.
good bargain but closest is 130 odd miles. heat added!
OOS within 156 miles
If they're selling these for £1 could they not have done the decent thing at this time of year and given them to charity if there had been any available near me I would have bought some and done so.
Saying OOS nationwide?
Haven't found any in West Yorkshire East Midlands or South Yorkshire. Ridiculous
None near me
No stock at all 4 Halfords near me in SE London
Any reservations will be held until Mon 22nd, so for anyone who couldn't get one, it might be worthwhile re-checking on Mon night/Tue morning to see if any uncollected ones become available again.

Check it online now and reserve it!

Or get Sven Sachsalber to find one for you...
The person who says they found one in leeds can you tell us how many there were and which one?
I was also after these for a homeless charity collection, but none nearby
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I don't believe the guy who said he got these in Leeds As none said they have it in West Yorkshire. This should be taken down as haven't seen anyone who could find this
None near me but Basingstoke have 1!

OOS within 156 miles

check a certain online auction tomorrow. It'll be flooded with them for 20 quid :s
Reserved one in Canterbury, thanks.

I was also after these for a homeless charity collection, but none nearby … I was also after these for a homeless charity collection, but none nearby

I was after the same, going to keep looking would be great to help a few homeless keep warm this winter!
I checked in my local Halfords earlier.
First they said they don't sell them, then they said the deals probably only on line. After they tapped in a few things they said it was not in there system they don't sell it. After I told them exactly what to type they found them, said oooh they're 2 no 1 pound - but we don't have any, in fact there is no stock left any where!
So i'm curious as to how others have managed to get/reserve them : /

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