Insulated Gravy Boat - £5.40 at Woolworths

Insulated Gravy Boat - £5.40 at Woolworths

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Found 20th Oct 2006
O.k, it's a gravy boat i hear you say but this is an 'Insulated Gravy Boat ' which i think is a great idea! Its been reduced to just £5.40 Price includes 10% discount (WW1). Choose FREE delivery to your local store.

Description: With this Insulated Gravy Boat the Sunday evening roast just got a little better. The gravy boat is insulated internally to keep the gravy warmer for longer, is lightweight and also has a sealed lid. Diameter 12cm Height 20cm


thats kind of great(!) I hate gravy cooling your dinner down

Wow, what a groovy gravy deal!

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groovy gravy deal

lol, I wasnt sure what way you guys would take this deal. I personally cant understand why i havent seen one of these before, i've one of the crappy stainless steel ones ... not for much longer though

Nice idea that, not cheap though.
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