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Mobile Insurance £41.49 per year - £25 excess (Devices valued up to £1000)
Found 25th May 2016Found 25th May 2016
Mobile Insurance £41.49 per year - £25 excess (Devices valued up to £1000)
I know phone insurance isn't for everyone and it's not something I'd bothered with before but when I bought my 6S Plus I knew I'd need something as there is no way I could afford a… Read more
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Most do, but excess charges are normally high, it takes a while to sort the claim, and your premiums would go up by more than the cost of this policy the following year. In my experience, anyway.


​yeah forgot to mention, on a joint account you still only pay £9.50 but can cover 4 phones instead of 2


​I moved from Barclays to First Direct a couple of years ago, but kept the joint Barclays account my wife and myself have that we transfer the money into for the bills each month solely for the mobile phone insurance (got my Galaxy S5 and my wifes LG G5 covered on it and I still don't think it's too bad a deal even though it's gone upto £9.50 as they have paid out in the past with no issues and I've heard they provide good cover around the world).


That sounds pretty competitive. Just couldn't face leaving first direct.


barclays tech pack, £9.50 per mth, worldwide cover, can cover 2 mobiles phones with android devices £50 excess, no matter value,covered for everything btw, prices also includes cover for £1500 worth of gadgets again wwide, which includes ps4/xbox as considered you could have 2 phones registered, an apple mac laptop and your ps4 covered for £9.50 p mth....imo better deal, and can cancel at any time at no charge

SMART PHONE INSURANCE - Platinum option - £62 for one year @ Insure & Go Insurance Services
Found 14th Mar 2012Found 14th Mar 2012
SMART PHONE INSURANCE - Platinum option - £62 for one year @ Insure & Go Insurance Services
Received an email from money saving expert website for mobile/gadget insurance. i currently pay £12 per month for my iphone with orange, that works out £146 a year! If you pay £6… Read more

My iPhone got washed lol, I must have less than 2 braincells. The excess was £25 on home and contents, I get a much better deal with my local broker than I ever found online, amazing what you can find if you hit the highstreet.


Home insurance is a requirement in all mortgages I've read, granted I do have contents. But if a burglar or fire was to have a field day and take EVERYTHING I couldn't replace it all and I do have quite a bit of savings.


Why bother with insurance for you mobile at all then? The problem with relying on home insurance is the excess makes it not worth claiming - so effectively you're uninsured. If you do claim then the cost of the policy goes up (try getting quotes online and see the difference if you tell them you've made a claim) - within a year or two you've paid the amount you claimed back to them in premiums. I've never bothered with insurance in the past - on the odd occasion when a phone died it was cheaper to replace it (with a new better one) that what I would've paid in premiums. However, the premium bank accounts might be worth it if you need most of what they offer as the excess is low and they can't/won't bump the price up if you make a claim.


depends who you're with. I've never destroyed or had a mobile phone stolen I've got 2 brain cells.


But isnt the excess more on house insurance though?

Cheapest iPhone insurance including loss protection only £43.03 per year, just £3.59/month
Found 10th Oct 2011Found 10th Oct 2011
Cheapest iPhone insurance including loss protection only £43.03 per year, just £3.59/month
I have been looking at mobile insurance for the new iPhone 4S. Cheapest including loss cover seems to be Insure and Go at only £43.03 a year
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seems good price for less hassle if you lose it


Thanks for sharing


Ok so they dont seem the best!.... A very poor review ahs changed my mind to at £59.99 plus £2.70 Quidco - much better reviews even if £6 a month


This includes loss unlike most policies - the cheapest equiv I have found is £55 (with worse terms and conditions) so this looks like a good deal to me - and as far as putting your phone on the household insurance goes I bet your excess is more than £50 and it will affect your future no claims if you claim so seperate mobile insurance seems the sensible option for this price.


If it doesn't cover theft or loss then i'd say the policy was next to useless. £40 a year or taking care of your things, its a no brainer

Gadget Insurance (Including iphone4) from £17.66 Annual with Insure&Go. Hope This Helps!
Found 29th Jan 2011Found 29th Jan 2011
Gadget Insurance (Including iphone4) from £17.66 Annual with Insure&Go. Hope This Helps!
So I was looking at insuring my iphone4 but OMG its expensive. In short... O2: £180 + £50 Excess Insure&Go: £43 + £25 Excess ...Insure&Go offers an incredible insurance… Read more
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I want to get some insurance for my new handset. But after reading the T&Cs of this and a few others I can see that the theft and loss part is a waste of time. Unless you are mugged and the handset forced from you then they will wriggle out of paying. I strongly suggest you don't go making up stories to back up your claim as that could just get very nasty!


We used insure&go travel insurance when we went backpacking in 2004 and I couldn't fault them. Ended up making claims for two operations (wife), lost cash (me & Wife) and lost cash/tickets and property after we were drugged and robbed (sounds worse than it was!!). All we had to provide were police reports, crime reference numbers and hospital receipts etc and they paid for absolutely everything. They even agreed to wait for three months until we got to Oz to send the paperwork home and all of the reports etc were in Thai and Hindi. Wouldn't recommend reporting your phone as stolen when lost as the police are looking to seek out the false victims and prosecute them if they can prove it. Definately NEVER say you were robbed!!


Be very careful about using 'InsureandGo' - don't trust them to pay out when making a claim. They will put all sorts of obstacles in your way such as demanding paperwork and proof that is impossible to obtain! I WISH I HAD NEVER USED THEM.


I guess it's a lot less helpful for someone who's always changing phones by buying/selling them on FS/FT... I change my phone every month or so, so was looking for something that'd cover that.


Neither. Its with their premium privilege current bank account. Read my comment before the one you quoted.