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Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro - £99.99 @ Inta Audio Computer Systems
Found 22nd MayFound 22nd May
Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro - £99.99 @ Inta Audio Computer Systems
Really good pro cans, full size but not bulky. 3m cable, 250 Ohm, ltd edition.

I think it's very important to mention these are OPEN-back, which won't be suitable for everyone & not for outdoor use. Plus, as they're rated at 250ohms, they need something substantial (e.g. proper amp/dac) to drive them / get the best out of them. No wonder they have 500+ of them to get rid of: "Customer sent back, as it wasn't suitable for their needs after trying it. Product works fine and tested and in perfect working order."


The P9 sig will be better but considering the P9's cost £400+ more that's to be expected.


for £3 more you can get them brand new on Amazon


These are b stock, no mention anywhere in title or description.


I have these with 600ohm windings and my mobile can still drive them fine. I would recommend the 990s.

Found 11th Apr 2017Found 11th Apr 2017
I was looking for a Boss or Ditto looper, but the reviews on this look pretty good and the price is favourable for a two pedal option. Blurb: Combining two independent loops with … Read more

Well.. it arrived today and I can have to say this little gadget is tremendous fun. There's a handy metronome feature that kind of auto-corrects your timing. A downside is that although there is a microphone setting, there is only 1 input so you are forced to mess around with switching input jacks. I have ordered a AB selector pedal to allow multiple inputs so that should allow freedom to loop whatever I want.


Just purchased, and you get £1 off if you like on Facebook as well!

IK Multimedia iLoud Monitors, £239 Daily Deal at Inta-Audio
Found 29th Jan 2017Found 29th Jan 2017
IK Multimedia iLoud Monitors, £239 Daily Deal at Inta-Audio
Cheapest I can see, good reviews for small, active, pro speaker set. The nearest equivalent seems to be the Genelec 8010 at almost £400 per pair.

Just as Genelecs, these are studio monitors, not meant for general household use, or as computers / hifi speakers... See pro studio reviews for more if you are into audio production.


the word "monitor" used to describe speakers is usually used in the context of HiFi but from what I can find that does not apply to these. a review states "These speakers are not just loud but they do sound really good. The sound is not middy at all - like practically all other small plastic speakers - but they do sound amazingly balanced, clear and with presence which is reflected in a clean stereo image. The highs are not piercing or overemphasized but absolutely fine while the the middle range is very detailed without pushing itself to the fore. I was most astonished by the bass that really kicks ass far more than from any other speakers of this size." comparing something they are charging premium price and comparing to other small plastic speakers does not fill me with confidence ... eek


These are portable designed for travel use. Interested to know why you compare them to the Genelec?

Retro Bluetooth Speaker/ Amp (gift for guitarists in your life) £37, Inta-Audio
Found 8th Dec 2016Found 8th Dec 2016
Retro Bluetooth Speaker/ Amp (gift for guitarists in your life) £37, Inta-Audio
Not a bad price, looks pretty cool, has decent reviews, includes delivery. Connections through Bluetooth, RCA input and 3.5mm aux Bass, Treble and volume controls Avail… Read more

What a good deal! Shame they are sold out!!! Any ideas where I can find one for a similar price.


Don't forget a toy guitar to go with that.


Looks to be the same as this, but a different colour. I bought one from Brooklyn Trading about 6 months ago for £19.99 and it is an excellent speaker for the money.


Aldi have very similar ones in for £30 if you have a store in your area

Presonus Eris 4.5 active studio/PC monitors £99.95 delivered @ Inta Audio
Found 21st Jan 2016Found 21st Jan 2016
Presonus Eris 4.5 active studio/PC monitors £99.95 delivered @ Inta Audio
my m-audio av40's have just given up the ghost (apparently many of these speakers don't last too long) and found these after searching for some fairly decent replacements - well, w… Read more

Nice find, these are pretty highly rated but not had a listen mysefl. I'm wanting the rokit 5 monitors or similar spec if anyone finds anything let me know!


Sorry guys, links work for me. not sure what's going on for you guys


Weren't exactly hard to find: Here's a link folks



A link would be very helpful

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audio-technica ath-m40x  @ £57.99  from Intra-Audio inc free delivery
Found 31st Dec 2015Found 31st Dec 2015
audio-technica ath-m40x @ £57.99 from Intra-Audio inc free delivery
audio-technica ath-m40x @ great price including delivery

Just to comment, mine are due to be delivered on 5th. M40x Vs M50x, reviewing them on the web they seem to be very similar, 40's are truer sound while 50's have a touch more base and since i have base adjustment I went for the truer sound and can turn up the base if needed. But i did miss the "AT10" code to save another £2.90 - nice post aerotec



dont forget use the code "AT10" to save £2.90.


Thanks rev6. Interesting info. I'll hang on to my 50s for now then!


A little something here.

Audio Technica ATH-M50X Headphones £84.54  @
Found 30th Dec 2015Found 30th Dec 2015
Audio Technica ATH-M50X Headphones £84.54 @
Use code "AT10" at the checkout to get them for £84.54 with free delivery, the best price I could find so far. Haven't got a pair myself but currently window shopping for some new… Read more

Beats suck. They are way too heavy on the bass.


Hot.... Best headphones I have every bought... Great price


Great set of headphones. If anyone is interested dbrand will be doing some custom skins for these soon according to their twitter.


Pretty good deal for a great pair of cans. Indeed, if you're not a fan of the bass bias, the M40x are a good alternative - they're almost identical but with a more neutral sound and slightly smaller drivers for ~£20 less


Same her, nearly as good. And good enough for me

Audio Technica ATH-M50X Headphones £92.69 @ Inta-Audio
Found 24th Jul 2015Found 24th Jul 2015
Audio Technica ATH-M50X Headphones £92.69 @ Inta-Audio
Simply use code AT10 to get them for £92.69 best price in ages
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It does contradict itself in some respects. But then again that is also my view on it. I've heard headphones in the same price range (Not used by professionals) which sound a heck of a lot better. But then again, it comes back down to the brand/set standards. As for the sheep, well they see their favourite 'Pop' celebrity wearing them and then automatically want them becuase they think they're the dogs B*****ks. "Oh look, Nicki Minaj is wearing beats" followed by "They must be good."


received mine today really pleased


Good price now this offer has finished


£94 here


Although the AT10 code is still valid making them cheaper than Amazon. (For Black anyway).

Audio Technica ATH-M50X Headphones @ inta-audio £89.99 using £10 off code.
Found 17th Feb 2015Found 17th Feb 2015
Audio Technica ATH-M50X Headphones @ inta-audio £89.99 using £10 off code.
Just ordered these at this amazing price! I've been reading about how good they are for long enough so at this price it was too good to turn down. I've ordered plenty off stuff fr… Read more
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Expired, back up to £130, gr8 deal btw.


Some people would be glad they aren't paying dole for those whom Amazon chose to employ in the UK warehouses and call centres. Let's all pay more income tax and close these places employing UK workers.


anybody know if these would be any good for djing?


Got mine today, already had several eargasms :)


Get the M50x and thank the OP once they arrive. They are well worth the extra poundage.

Audio-Technica ATH-M50xWH Studio Monitor Professional Headphones - White £89.99 (using code) @ Inta Audio
Found 16th Feb 2015Found 16th Feb 2015
Audio-Technica ATH-M50xWH Studio Monitor Professional Headphones - White £89.99 (using code) @ Inta Audio
Use code AT10 for 10% discount Cheapest around for these, great reviews.

Sennheiser HD25-1 II pro? for monitoring? Sennheiser HD600 around £100?! It's totally different league! I have got ATH-M50X (as portable) and HD800 for home use. ATH-M50X are awesome for the price!!! I love their attack, decent bass and sparkling treble. REALLY GOOD PRICE - HOT


These are not my favourite headphones but they are 'pro'. Although significantly more expensive stuff exists now it's only been recently around and more for 'headphone enthusiasts' than pro. most pros ive seen use: Sennheiser HD25-1 II, Beyerdynamic DT770 or Sennheiser HD600 and these are all around the same price / league as these. You're just being fooled by the look of the white plastic and relatively cheap price here.


I have these in white. Amazing soundstage, accuracy of music and depth. They do have a flat sound however but an equaliser can sort that to your choice. I read musicians use them to take subtle noises / imperfections out of new music and that "they could pick up your dog farting in the other room". Since getting these all other earphones I use and other things like in my BMW sound bad which ruins those experiences. Been warned :-)


great price, got mine in black at same price at xmas


They missed out some word in the title, should be; 'Bedroom' Studio Monitor 'Semi' Professional Headphones I am sure these are not useless, but they are not 'pro' gear by a long stretch.

Audio Technica ath-m50xbl Limited Edition Headphones £116.10 from Inta-Audio
Found 30th Dec 2015Found 30th Dec 2015
Audio Technica ath-m50xbl Limited Edition Headphones £116.10 from Inta-Audio
Reduced from £169 to £129 then use code AT10 at checkout to get another 10% off bringing price down to £116.10 with free standard delivery in 1-3 days. I had these ordered in bla… Read more
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Now showing £139.99?


That's great, yeah got mine too. My first proper pair of decent headphones, love the look of them and they sound amazing. Comfy too. Subscribed to the Spotify premium for 99p 3 months deal and loving that too, rediscovering music I haven't listened too in years


Have arrived....very very nice... almost to the level of my fact...I'm returning my Momentums...


Try AT10, for 10% off instead? That's what I used before I found out about Xmas15....


Xmas15 not working now

Audio-Technica ATH-M50X Studio Pro Headphones - Black £112.49 @ inta-audio
Found 5th Jun 2014Found 5th Jun 2014
Audio-Technica ATH-M50X Studio Pro Headphones - Black £112.49 @ inta-audio
code AT10 for 10% off. Price comes to £112.49 The price seems to be slowly catching up with the audio technica ath-m50. Remember guys this has a removable cable just in case you … Read more

Change in settings :)


Hello, I've used them with my custom build PC. It has a Creative Sound Blaster Z card installed and the audio was in CD quality.


Newer X slightly extended bass, other than that more or less identical to M50. Honestly there are plenty of cans over £100 similar sounding to ATX-M50. Beats Solo? Err, stunners, that's about it. Headphones on a budget I would recommend Monoprice MHP-839 for 18£ or so on Amazon.


I've used these pairs for about 3+ years and I still used them pretty much everyday out and about and Love them! Amazing Sound, don't get Beats unless you only listen to bass/R&B music and want to look like the in crowd


Voted cold because reviews I've read say it's not that different from the previous M50. And since the previous M50 set has been very cheap lately, I thought that was a better deal. Of course, if you want a slightly better earpad and head-band, you could get these. But if you're only bothered about the sound, just know, it hasn't changed. EDIT: Plus, you can swap cables around on the new X model.

Audio Technica ATH-M50 Professional Headphones (White £67.99 - Red £72.24) Delivered @
Found 12th May 2014Found 12th May 2014
Audio Technica ATH-M50 Professional Headphones (White £67.99 - Red £72.24) Delivered @
These are absolutely fantastic headphones; I bought into all of the hype about a month ago, and couldn't be happier, hands down the best headphones I've ever had. At this price, I'… Read more
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I ordered mine with 15% off, sorry if its not working anymore, maybe they took it down :(


Can anyone compare with the Bose QC15 noise cancelling headphones for audio quality ?


I tested the code on products in the basket and it worked fine... Maybe they've removed it from their system?! :| Just tried it again and it's no longer working. The 10% code should still be good, though.


Did anybody actually order using the 15% off code as it's not working anymore and they're saying it wouldn't have worked at all as it expired Dec 2013?


If you use the code "ON15" you get 15% off.