Integral Courier USB Pen Drive 32GB £7.33 Free Delivery @ OFFTEK

Integral Courier USB Pen Drive 32GB £7.33 Free Delivery @ OFFTEK

Found 22nd Sep 2016
Integral Courier USB Pen Drive 32GB

Product code: FTINFD32GBCOU

OEM Part Number: INFD32GBCOU

Integral Courier USB Pen Drive 32GB


Brand: Integral

Storage Capacity: 32 GB

Subcategory: USB Drives

Grades: Consumer

Connection: USB 2.0

Write Speed: 3MB/s

Read Speed: 12MB/s

Colour: Blue

Product Overview

The new Integral Courier Flash Drive is a fast and easy way of moving data between computers in style. With higher storage capacity and a much faster data transfer rate than other typical portable storage media, it can easily replace floppy diskettes and hard disks. In addition, its mobility, strong data retention ability, and impressive appearance will provide you with a brand-new experience.


USB 2.0 high speed specification.

LED read/write light.

Stylish translucent blue.

Lightweight and compact design.

Read speed of up to 12MB/s (80x).

Write speed of up to 3MB/s (20x).

PC and Mac compatible.

2 Year Warranty.


Size : 70mm x 21mm x 8mm,

Data Retention : Up to 10 years.

Durability : >100,000 program/erase cycles.

Weight : 15g .
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USB 3 are only a few pennies more
Ugh, this is so slow. Up to 12 MB/s read, up to 3MB/s write.

This is a much faster option and you save £180. It's so cheap
Mega Maximus Uber Spacious stick

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