Integral P Series 2.5 inch SSD 960GB - £175.14 @ Amazon

Integral P Series 2.5 inch SSD 960GB - £175.14 @ Amazon

Found 4th Jan
Temporarily OOS but good price for 1TB!


Great price, if it was in stock!!!!

If it weren't a great price it would be in stock and you'd find something else to moan about

It's OOS because it's on HUKD. People see it here and if it's a good deal, they buy it. It would seem that a product becoming OOS soon after being posted on here means lots of people benefited from the deal. I think that makes it hot by default, irrespective of the temp rating which is only academic.

1tb of ssd is just such a sexy thought...

@o3mar - this was actually @ £167 and ran out of stock before it landed here (i know because i bought the last few):…FA4
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