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Integral SSD SATA P Series 2.5-Inch Solid State Drive - 240GB - £17.99 / 480GB - £28.99 / 1TB - £49.99 Delivered @ MyMemory

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Prices on the P series have dropped today at My Memory. P series is the performance model, with faster speeds than the V (Value) series we normally see at decent price points. For me the 1TB stands out the most with this at £49.99.

No codes needed at all and delivery is free

Capacities and price points:

Integral solid state drives are hard wearing, with extreme shock resistance, zero noise and no heat generation.
  • Performance boost
  • Ultra fast speed
  • Durable and reliable
  • Device optimisation

Ultra-fast boot speed
Make your desktop or laptop computer,feel like new again, with faster boot and load times and more reliable performance than HDD.

10 times faster than traditional HDD
With speeds up to 560MB/s* Read and 540MB/s* Write, the P Series 5 approaches the limits of the SATA III interface.

Boosted apps and games
All games and apps will benefit from much faster load times and more efficient multi-tasking.

Integral Memory
Integral solid state drives are hard wearing, with extreme shock resistance, zero noise and no heat generation

Performance boost

Enhance productivity and increase efficiency, faster Start Up and access to applications for a better computing experience

Ultra fast speed
SATA SSD read speed up to 560MB/s write speed up to 540MB/s

Durable and reliable

Solid design with no internal moving parts ideal for laptop SSD or desktop SSD with higher reliability than HDD

Improve typical PC/Mac workloads – simple installation

Device optimisation
Maximise battery life for laptops/notebooks (lower power consumption than HDD), Zero noise, no heat generation

Key Features
  • Form Factor: 2.5-inch
  • Hard Drive Size: 1 TB
  • Hard Disk Description: ‎Solid State Hard Drive
  • Product Dimensions: 10 x 6.9 x 0.7 cm; 10 Grams

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MyMemory More details at MyMemory

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    Same question I asked about USB drives, but are these any good to offload Xbox One games from my Series S? I see there are USB cables that have the SATA connec at the other end, are these all much of a muchness or are some better than others? Thanks in advance for anyone who answers
    This would be perfect to store your Xbox one games , i am using 2tb HDD with one of those generic SATA to usb adapters with my series s , that's all you need , once connected xbox will ask you to format the drive and you are good to go , they all work the same
  2. Avatar
    Anyone else got a huge collection of unused, still in their wrappers SSD's/nvme's? Or is it just me?
    Nope, All part of being on this website.
    I have a draw full of the things and about to order this one too, no idea why but I need to collect them.
  3. Avatar
    Dram or no?

    Warranty period?
    DRAM-less TLC. Integral says 3 years on their site.
  4. Avatar
    Top cash back too, a few percent
  5. Avatar
    Are they good to use as os drive?
    I would also like to know this?....dram cache/3d nand.....do we need this on windows 10
  6. Avatar
    30tbw thats a bit low
    That can't be right
  7. Avatar
    Cold. BX500 was £24.73 a couple of days ago. 240gb b-brands have been £15ish weeks ago, and 1TB in the low £40s region.
    BX500 is a C grade drive by an A grade company.
    Buy on the quality of the individual productive and not on the reputation of the brand name.
    Even good companies sell poor products.
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    Is this the sort of drive that would be compatible with my old 2016 Dell laptop which is very slow now?
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