Integral Ultima Pro SD HC Card 16GB Class 6 - £29.44 @ Direct Foto (8% Quidco)

Integral Ultima Pro SD HC Card 16GB Class 6 - £29.44 @ Direct Foto (8% Quidco)

Found 11th May 2009
Use attached voucher to get this price...

Cheapest 16GB Class 6 SDHC card about i think!

UK's leading brand, 5 year warranty, fully retail packaged. FREE DELIVERY.

Please check compatibility with device as not all devices are compatible

Integral's fastest SDHC - UltimaPro Class 6, ideal for DSLR cameras and hi-definition camcorders.

- Integral UltimaPro SDHC are Class 6 Speed to ensure that when you take a picture, data is saved faster, so there is less time to wait before taking the next picture - perfect for the latest Digital SLR cameras
- Capture the moment in fast-changing environments like sports and current affairs, where every second counts
- Works brilliantly with the latest hi-definition digital camcorders - ensuring smooth video capture
- Any Digital SLR camera will perform better with the use of an UltimaPro SDHC Class 6 compared to standard Class 2 and 4 speed SDHC cards

- Designed for SDHC compatible host devices**
- Solid State - No moving parts
- Non-Volatile - Data maintained with no power
- Complete with FREE protective case
- Tested with a wide range of SDHC devices
- 5 year warranty


About the same price as the 16gb cards on Amazon and Play

This is a better quality card though I think. H&R

These cards seem to have gone up in price enormously.

I got my 16gb SDHC card here-…s-6 -for £16.99 about 3 months ago. The same card is now a massive £29.99 !

Something to do with the fall in value of the pound. But this doesnt explain the whole story.
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