Integrated 70/30 Fridge Freezer - £275.94 @ Argos (+ Quidco and £10 voucher)

Integrated 70/30 Fridge Freezer - £275.94 @ Argos (+ Quidco and £10 voucher)

£275.94Argos Deals
Found 1st Jun 2010
Argos showing this item (and another with the same model number for £287.98), guessing its a glitch or double listing.

Cheapest integrated fridge freezer I've found. With the vouchers and Quidco it makes it approx £276 including delivery.

Update, Quidco tracking at £4.03 and £10 voucher = £262 ish
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Showing £269.00 ]here (Argos)
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And you have to get it delivered so the £269 is impossible. Is that why you voted it cold? In comparison to other integrated appliances its cheap and I thought that is what this website is all about.
Sorry mate, I didn't vote either way.

just pointed out the info that I got.

This website is about ALL of us contributing as we think fit, for the benefit of others (Unless I am mistaken after 3 years of posting!)

I didn't think it was about throwing accusations around either.

Edit: And since I cannot vote twice and to prove that it wasn't me that voted it cold, I just did, so you will now see that the 'Heat' has reduced.
Happy Now?

I am prepared to accept your apology at your convenience.
Original Poster
Your info was wrong. Consequently you can whistle for it with your cheeky patronising response
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So you are voting cold because I questioned you after you got the price wrong. Not really in the spirit of the site, however if you can find a cheaper equivalent fridge freezer then I happily accept your cold vote.
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